Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume Tips in 2022


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    Hello there, Welcome to this informative article about crafting the ideal Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume!

    The essence of this article is to help you with creative tips on how to write a resume that will make you stand out always.

    After you are done reading this article you will know what a winning Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume entails and how to craft an effective one.

    In this article we will cover the following:

    Writing A Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume 
    Standout Labor And Delivery  Nurse Resume Tips
    Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume Sample

    Let’s dig in!

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      If you have a passion for offering patient care to mothers during delivery and afterward caring for newborns then you must be eyeing certain job opportunities in a birthing environment.  

      This type of Nurse specialty is known for its job satisfaction and competitive earnings.

      Well, to get that position, you must craft the most impressive resume and ensure that every aspect of it is relevant for it to effectively get you hired.

      Writing A Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume 

      To write an effective resume that will get you that job, here are the steps to follow:

      Begin Writing Personal Details

      Your personal details are very important because that is the only way the employer will reach you for interviews after reading your impressive resume.

      Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume

      In this section, include your name, your contact details such as email address and phone number, location, and your current job title.  

      Give the correct personal details to make it easy for the recruiter to reach you.

      A Compelling Professional Summary Must Follow

      A great-sounding summary will do a lot for your resume.

      Create a few compelling sentences that detail your skills and background so the hiring manager can quickly gauge how experienced you are.

      You can state your career goal here and let your employer know the job you are applying for will help you achieve those objectives.  

      Keep it brief but impactful.

      Make sure your skills, work experience, and your career goals are clear in your summary.

      HIghlight Work Experience

      The work experience section is very important and it should make up the bulk of your resume. 

      Begin with your most current positions because it makes reviewing by hiring managers easy especially if you have years of experience.

      This is the section that tells employers about how skilled you are in certain job duties.

      Ensure that you only include relevant job titles and list the job duties under every position.  

      Focus on the past nursing jobs that best reflect your capability to work in a maternity facility.

      Include the companies you worked for and the date periods you offered your services.

      Demonstrate key competencies and show without a shred of doubt that you meet the experience and skills requirements for the job and that you fit in with the employer’s objectives and company culture.

      Use bullet points to make reading easier.

      Have A Skills Section

      An impactful resume must have well-highlighted Labor and Delivery Nurse skills.  

      Listing the appropriate skills will improve the possibility of getting hired.

      You can always check out the Labor and Delivery Nurse job description to get an idea of the relevant skills and then list your skills accordingly.

      This is the section where employers look and gauge whether you possess the skills they require.

      The Labor and Delivery Nurse skills list could be as follows:

      • Labor and delivery
      • Pain management 
      • Postpartum care
      • Electronic Charting 
      • Analgesia Administration
      • Newborn Care
      • Cesarean Deliveries
      • IV placement
      • Vital Signs
      • Wound Care
      • Medical Administration 
      • Therapeutic relationships
      •  Healthcare team collaboration
      • Electronic medical records
      • Fetal monitoring etc

      You can also list other soft skills such as:

      • Communication Skills

      The Educational Background  Section

      After listing your experience and skills, the education section is the part that comes next.

      This is where you include your academic qualifications.

      You will include your Bachelor of Science nursing degree and any other advanced degrees that you might have.

      List the learning institution you attended along with the year you graduated.

      If there are other certifications that you have earned after your nursing degree, list those as well.

      You can include the licenses that you have earned as well such as the Registered Nurse license which is a must-have for every form of nursing specialty.

      Highlighting this credential here will let the employers know that they are dealing with a licensed professional.

      As common with most Labor and Delivery Nurses, you might have additional certifications which will further boost your employability.

      You can highlight that along with other qualifications to give strength to your resume.

      Standout Labor And Delivery  Nurse Resume Tips

      For your resume to stand out you need to keep a few things in mind which are as follows:

      Make All Your Sentences Short

      You can make all your sentences short to make them easy for the recruiter to read.

      Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume

      The summary part should be short with small sentence fragments that are also powerful.

      You can’t have long sentences that are too tiring to read.

      Besides, shorter sentences are easier to remember and when they are positive and describe your skills and experience well, the hiring manager is bound to remember that.

      Get The Formatting Right  

      It is advisable to keep your formatting simple but formal.

      Keep the fonts uniform and bold only the headers.

      Follow the format of the resume summary first, work experience, education, skills, and competencies.

      You can include more sections in your resume such as volunteer experience, awards and honors, and certifications if they are many and seem appropriate.

      Make your resume format easy to scan for both computers and humans.

      You can check out the various resume templates to guide you on the best formats.

      Just remember that winning resumes will effectively market you and top recruiters and hiring managers will seek you out for that enviable position that you seek.

      No Factual Or Grammar Errors

      One way to lose an opportunity is by making an error whether deliberately or intentionally.

      Lying or stretching the truth in any way on your labor and delivery resume will not do.

      Ensuring that all your sentences are grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes is a sign of great professionalism.  

      Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume Sample

      Apart from using a resume builder to craft one, check out this Labor and Delivery Nurse resume sample to inspire you.

      Labor And Delivery Nurse Resume

      Nadia Mukarami

      Labor and Delivery Nurse

      Michigan, Detroit

      [email protected]

      +1 (345) 678-91

      Professional summary

      Highly capable labor and Delivery Nurse with 10 years of experience.

      Seeking a position in an environment where my skills are adequately tapped for my and my employer’s benefit.

      Hands-on training in diverse birthing center facilities and maternal care.

      Highly professional, possess critical thinking skills, great communication skills, patience, and compassion.

      Work experience

      Delivery and Labor Nurse, January 2017–Present

      Tender Love  Hospital

      • Assessing patient condition when in labor and offering help.
      • Examining patients’ cervix dilation and monitoring the birth progress.
      • Provision of postpartum care for women and their newborns.

      Delivery and Labor Nurse, January 2013–December 2016

      Gifted Hands Maternity Hospital

      • Readied the patients for the labor and delivery process.
      • Helped patients relax and guided them on breathing techniques
      • Assisted patients to maintain the correct positions during the birthing process.
      • Changed patient linens when required as they underwent the birthing process.


      • Delivery skills
      • Neonatal care
      • Postpartum managing skills
      • Management of pain for patients in labor
      • Critical thinking skills
      • Communication skills


      Bachelor of Science in nursing

      Michigan State University

      May 2011


      • Registered Nurse (RN) license
      • Neonatal Resuscitation Certification
      • Inpatient Obstetric Nurse (RNC-OB)

      The above is a sample of an ideal Labor and Delivery Nurse resume that should guide you to create your impressive one.


      We have looked at how you should create your ideal Labor and Delivery Nurse resume and the important factors that you should consider.

      A great Delivery Nurse resume example has also been highlighted above.

      Now, after creating this great professional resume it is only proper to attach it to a well-written cover letter.

      The cover letter will emphasize what is on the resume

      Look for another Labor and Delivery RN resume online and other cover letter samples to craft only standout documents.

      Armed with all the above information, you should craft the most effective resume that will have top employers calling you for interviews.



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