Hospice Nurse Salary – Which State Pays Better in 2022?


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    Greetings, our dear reader, Welcome to another informative article about Hospice Nurse Salary!

    Today, we will thoroughly examine every aspect of Hospice Nurses’ salaries, factors affecting them, and their job outlook.

    By the time you are done reading this article, you’ll find answers to how much Hospice Nurses make.

    In a nutshell, we’ll talk about:

    Average Hospice Nurse salary
    Factors affecting Hospice Nurse salary
    Hospice Nurse career outlook

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      Average Hospice Nurse Salary

      According to Payscale, a Hospice RN’s salary is $68,805 per year.

      The base salary ranges from $56k to $83k.

      Apart from the base salary, they also earn a bonus which the platform reveals is between $9k and $197k.

      The average hourly wage is $32.75.

      Other salary platforms like Indeed project that the average hospice care salary is $80,284 per year.

      For overtime work, they earn around $11,250.

      On the other hand, Comparable places the average annual salary for Hospice Nurses at $78,450.

      The platform gives an average of $77,811 as the base salary and $638 as the bonus.

      Average Hospice Nurse Salary

      Lastly, the Hospice Nurse’s national average salary is $78,966, according to Salary.com.

      Salary.com shows that most Palliative Care Nurses earn between $71,994 and $90,330.

      In general, the average salary for Hospice Nurses is impressive.

      Perhaps, this is because the job is demanding with long working hours.

      Additionally, taking care of terminally ill patients is not a small fit.

      It comes with the emotional strain that can sometimes be draining.

      So, they deserve every penny.

      Other than the average income, the actual Hospice Nurse salary depends on several other factors.

      Let’s now look at the factors that influence how much these professionals take home.

      Factors Affecting Hospice Nurse Salary

      The average Hospice Nurse’s salary varies widely depending on several factors.

      Here are the main factors influencing how much a Hospice Nurse takes home:

      Years of Experience

      Palliative Care Nurses with years of experience earn more compared to those new in the career.

      According to Payscale, a Hospice RN with 1 year of experience have an avg of $65,597 per year.

      The hourly rate at entry-level is $28.89.

      As they gain experience, 2-4 years, the income increases to $70,940 per year.

      At this level, they make around $39.73 per hour.

      Hospice Nurses with 5-9 years of experience take home $71,223.

      At this mid-career level, the hourly rate is $32.40.

      Experienced Hospice Nurses who’ve been in the industry for 10-19 years can expect to take home $72,940.

      Here the hourly rate is $33.68.

      And finally, in the later career, the salary increases by a small margin to $72,988 per year.

      At this point, the hourly rate is $35.


      It goes without saying that Hospice Registered Nurses working in cities with a high cost of living, like New York, earn more than their counterparts in small cities.

      According to Indeed, the top paying city is Los Angeles.

      Hospice Nurses in LA take home an average of $88,268 per year.

      Hospice Nurse Salary in the city higher due to high cost of iving

      The second highest paying city is San Diego, where a Palliative Care Nurse’s salary is around $86,186.

      Next, we have Philadelphia Hospice Nurses, earning $84,380.

      At number four is Austin, paying certified Hospice and Palliative Nurses $83,540.

      Dallas is next in line.

      In Dallas, a Hospice Nurse’s salary is $83,421 per year.

      Phoenix is also among the cities where Hospice Registered Nurses are well paid.

      Here, they make around $82,112.

      Houston is also among the top-paying cities.

      In Houston, the average income of certified Hospice and Palliative Nurses is $81,701.

      The next top payer is Fort Worth.

      A Hospice Nurse’s salary in Fort Worth is approximately $78,784.

      Lastly, we have San Antonio paying Palliative Care Nurses $78,092 per year.

      So, if you want to jumpstart your career in this area of nursing, you now know the cities that are enumerating Hospice Nurses well.


      Hospice Nurses work in hospitals, private care facilities, nursing homes, and hospice centers.

      Research has it that Hospice RN working in hospital-based hospice units or a hospice center earn more than their counterparts who work in-home care.

      This is for the simple reason that in a healthcare facility, these professionals handle different clients throughout the day.

      In contrast, in-home care may include attending to a few clients since the Hospice Nurse must move from one home to the next.

      Hence, it’s only right that Hospice Nurses working in a healthcare facility earn more to compensate for their role in comforting terminally ill patients and their family members day in, and day out.

      Bonuses and Benefit Packages

      Depending on the employer and the position of the Palliative Care Nurse, they may have access to several bonuses and benefit packages.

      Some of the benefits include insurance, which may be life, disability, vision, medical, dental, and health.

      Other benefits include an employee assistance program, license reimbursement, continuing education credits, company car, free parking, gym membership, flexible spending account, and housing stipend.

      Now, how much a Hospice Care Nurse earns as a bonus depends on the benefit packages offered by the employer.

      Often, one can only be eligible for these benefits if they are working full time.

      Hospice Nurse Responsibilities

      A certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse with many responsibilities will earn more compared to their counterparts who have fewer responsibilities.

      For instance, a Case Management Nurse who offers comprehensive patient care earns more than Admission Nurses who only do patient visits and conduct assessments.

      Hospice Nurse Career Outlook

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurses’ job opportunities are expected to grow by 9% in the next decade.

      That translates to 194,500 job openings for Nurses and Hospice Nurses are part of them.

      With the demand for Nurses rising, hospice nursing opportunities are also opening up.

      There’s a rise in the number of elderly people who may need palliative care in-home or in hospitals.

      Additionally, there’s progress in treatment for different ailments, which further opens up more opportunities for these professionals.

      Hospice Nurse Career Outlook

      Hospice Nurse jobs require applicants to have an associate degree in nursing.

      Some positions will stipulate a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or even a postgraduate qualification.


      The national average salary for Hospice Nurses is impressive, although the actual amount one earns fluctuates depending on various factors.

      One thing that’s for sure is that no matter the job title, Hospice Nurses give their best in the different capacities they work in.

      They provide emotional support that patients need during end-of-life care, the most vulnerable time in anyone’s life.

      They help patients have the best quality of life in their last days.

      There’s no price tag to that!



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