TEAS Nursing Exam: How to Prepare & Pass it in 2023


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    Welcome to yet another insightful and compelling article that will explore the TEAS Nursing Exam.

    By the end of this in-depth guide, we guarantee that you’ll understand how to register, prepare for, and pass the TEAS Nursing Exam.

    We will specifically delve into the following topics:

    What is the TEAS exam?
    What is the TEAS test structure?
    The step-by-step TEAS exam registration process

    If you’re an aspiring nursing student, the TEAS test is critical to you.

    Stick around to understand what TEAS stands for and what is on the TEAS test.

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      The nursing career is filled with exams, and it starts even before joining a nursing program.

      And it makes sense to test aspiring nurses, considering that over 20% of nursing students drop out of nursing school before graduating.

      To reduce the nursing program dropout rate, most nursing schools now require students to complete a Nursing Entrance Exam before admission to a nursing program.

      Let’s start with the basics!

      What is the TEAS exam for nursing?

      The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is an entry-level test that measures a nursing student’s academic skills and suitability for nursing education.

      Due to high dropout rates, many nursing colleges use the ATI TEAS test as an admission requirement to evaluate potential nursing students.

      Through pre-admission vetting, nursing schools ensure high graduation rates for their nursing programs.

      And even though not all nursing schools administer the nursing TEAS test, the exam is excellent for all people who wish to test their suitability for a nursing career.

      What is on the TEAS Nursing Exam?

      The TEAS exam structure and format

      What does the TEAS test consist of?

      The TEAS assessment is a standard admission test used by nursing colleges to gauge candidate suitability.

      The TEAS test is a multiple-choice exam comprising 170 test questions, 150 scored questions, and 20 practice questions.

      This test has four potential answers for each test question and runs for 209 minutes.

      The pass rate for the ATIS TEAS exam varies between different nursing schools, but the ideal TEAS score is between 60% to 70%.

      Different nursing programs require different TEAS passing scores.

      • Associate Degree in  Nursing (ADN) requires at least a 66% passing score
      • A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) requires at least a 70% passing score

      Here is the complete breakdown of the TEAS test, including test sections and the available time for each:

      1. Reading section

      The reading section contains 53 multiple choice questions tested over 64 minutes.

      The reading test usually contains paragraphs, maps, graphs, and measuring tools to assess a candidate’s reading abilities.

      This section will test a student’s ability in the following areas:

      • The Integration of knowledge and ideas  – 11 questions
      • Key ideas and details – 22 questions
      • Craft and structure     – 14 questions
      • Pretest questions       – 6 questions          

      Total number of questions – 53 questions                   

      Typical test areas include:

      • Ability to read, understand, and extract essential information from text
      • Define vocabulary and interpret graphs
      • Ability to follow directions
      • Locate information from a book’s table of content

      Practical reading skills are crucial for nursing training, and, ultimately, the nursing career as nurses usually deal with a lot of technical information regularly.

      TEAS Nursing Exam

      2. Mathematics

      The mathematics section consists of 36 questions tested over 54 minutes.

      In this section, candidates are tested in the following areas:

      • Numbers and algebra     – 23 questions
      • Measurement and data   – 9 questions
      • Pre-test questions           – 4 questions

      Total number of questions           – 36 questions

      Typical test areas include:

      • Understanding Arabic and roman numerals
      • Solving math problems contain decimals, ratios, and fractions
      • Interpreting graphs, tables, and charts
      • Solving equations with variables or absolute values

      A basic understanding of mathematics principles is crucial for dosage calculations, patient data records, and other nursing functions.

      3. Science

      The science section of the TEAS Nursing Exam contains 53 multiple choice questions with a 63-minute time limit.

      Questions in this section test a candidate’s basic understanding of health sciences and include:

      • Human anatomy and physiology    – 32 questions
      • Life and physical sciences – 8 questions
      • Application of scientific reasoning – 7 questions
      • Pre-test questions     – 6 questions

      Total number of questions    – 53 questions

      Typical test areas under this section include:

      • Understanding the classification systems
      • Functions of the nervous, circulatory, immune, respiratory, and digestive systems
      • Understanding DNA, RNA, and parts of a cell
      • Understanding parts of an atom and the periodic table

      4. English and language usage

      The English language section of the TEAS examination comprises 28 questions tested over 28 minutes.

      Some of the areas tested in this section include:

      • Conventions of Standard English  – 9 questions
      • Knowledge of language  – 9 questions
      • Vocabulary acquisition    – 6 questions
      • Pre-test questions          – 4 questions

      Total number of questions           – 28 questions

      Typical areas of interest in the TEAS exam English section includes:

      • Punctuation and sentence structure
      • Proper spelling and contextual word use
      • Understanding the different types of sentences (simple, compound, complex)
      • Proper identification of parts of speech (pronouns, verbs, adverbs)

      Please note that the above exam structure applies to the TEAS 6 nursing exam.

      A newer TEAS 7 Nursing Exam will be operational from June 3, 2022.

      The differences in structure and format between the TEAS 6 and 7 nursing exam is minor, with a few content areas getting more or fewer questions.

      The upgrade from TEAS 6 to 7 is to assess test-takers better.

      Let’s switch our focus to the process of registering and sitting for the TEAS exam.

      How to register for the TEAS Nursing Exam

      All test takers who wish to sit the TEAS exam must satisfy the basic application and registration requirements.

      The TEAS exam is undertaken in a controlled environment, usually in predetermined testing centers in nursing training schools or national test centers.

      The exam is overseen by a proctor or invigilator who maintains the integrity of the testing process.

      The typical TEAS test proctors are ATI, PSI, nursing schools, and allied health schools.

      There are four different ways to register for the ATI TEAS exam:

      1. Online TEAS exam with ATI proctor

      2. Online TEAS exam with institution/nursing school proctor

      3. In person TEAS examination with an Institution proctor

      4. In person TEAS EXAM with a PSI proctor

      Here is a step by step process on how to register for TEAS Nursing Exam:

      In-person TEAS exam with institution proctor

      • Visit the TEAS registration page at the ATI website at www.atitesting.com/teas/register 
      • Click the in-person button
      • Choose program type (TEAS nursing school or TEAS allied health school
      • Select school name and state
      • Choose an appropriate exam date and time
      • Review all the registration information and submit

      In-person TEAS exam at PSI testing center

      Here is how to register for the in-person TEAS Nursing Exam with the PSI proctor.

      • Confirm TEAS exam location, dates, and time on https://candidates.psiexams.com/testdate/testdate.jsp
      • Visit www.atitesting.com/teas/register and click the register tab
      • Click the in-person tab
      • Search available PSI testing centers 
      • Select the location for your transcripts
      • Enter and confirm your payment and billing information, then submit
      • Click on my result to confirm the location of your TEAS transcript
      • Confirm your candidate ID number, testing center location, exam date, and time

      Online TEAS exam registration with an institution/testing center proctor

      TEAS Nursing Exam Registration

      1. Satisfy the online technical requirements

      For the online TEAS exam, ensure that you:

      • Have a laptop or PC (tablet and mobile dont work)
      • Have the latest Google Chrome browser
      • Possess sufficient internet speeds ( 0.5 – 1 Mbps)
      • Have a microphone and webcam
      • Use Windows 10 and above OR MAC OS 10.11 and above

      2. Register for the TEAS exam

      • Visit www.atitesting.com/teas/register and click on the register tab
      • Select your online proctor (nursing or allied health nursing school)
      • Select an appropriate time and date
      • Review your application details and confirm payment details
      • Continue to submit your TEAS registration

      Online TEAS assessment registration with remote ATI proctor

      1. Satisfy the technical requirements for TEAS registration

      For the online TEAS exam, ensure that you:

      • Have a laptop or PC (tablet and mobile dont work)
      • Have the latest Google Chrome browser
      • Possess sufficient internet speeds ( 0.5 – 1 Mbps)
      • Have a microphone and webcam
      • Use Windows 10 and above OR MAC OS 10.11 and above

      2. Register for the ATI TEAS assessment 

      • Visit www.atitesting.com/teas/register and click the register tab
      • Select the online exam format
      • Choose an online ATI nursing school or  ATI allied health school proctor
      • Choose an appropriate time and date
      • Add your payment and billing information
      • Confirm your registration information and submit

      After registering for the TEAS nursing examination, you will receive an email with all your registration information, including the location, date, and time for your TEAS assessment.

      Ensure that you have the following exam requirements on the test day.

      For the in-person TEAS exam

      • Photo ID (Military ID, driver’s license, passport, green card, government-issued ID)

      You will not access the testing center if your ID is not government-issued, lacks your signature, or doesn’t have a clear photo.

      • Two sharpened number 2 pencils 
      • A four-function calculator and scratch paper are available at the test center

      You need the following for the online TEAS exam

      • Login information, including a TEAS assessment ID 
      • A stable and secure laptop/PC for online remote proctoring

      Now that we know what the TEAS exam is and how to register for the TEAS test, let’s now look at how we can guarantee success in this crucial nursing school admission test.

      Study tips for the TEAS Nursing Exam

      There are no standard TEAS passing scores, but a 70%+ TEAS exam score is recommended.

      To achieve this passing score, consider using the following TEAS exam tips:

      1. Make a study plan 

      A study plan is an organized study schedule that helps streamline your study process making it more effective and productive.

      Using a study plan allows you to:

      • Effectively manage time
      • Concentrate on your weak areas
      • Improve your test scores
      • Reduce study stress
      • Cover all the exam topics

      2. Use a TEAS prep test course 

      Numerous online sites offer comprehensive and interactive study manuals with practice assessments to help you adequately prepare for your exams.

      A TEAS prep course will help summarize and highlight the main points of each topic and offer quizzes, flashcards, study manuals, and other study materials that will make your study process more efficient.

      Consider purchasing an online study manual that will help guide your TEAS exam preparation process.

      3. Form a study group 

      Study groups are effective in exam preparations and help you retain more information compared to a classroom setting.

      The relaxed nature of a study group means that you’ll be more comfortable sharing your weak areas with group members.

      Consider using a study group to boost your confidence and clear problematic areas of your exam preparations.

      4. Use a tutor

      Get personalized online or in-person mentoring from a TEAS tutor.

      Working with a qualified and experienced trainer ensures that you learn of the common TEAS exam challenges and how to overcome them.

      Additionally, your trainer will share valuable pieces of wisdom and cool tricks that will improve your chances of success in the exam.

      5. Use practice questions 

      Answering practice questions is an effective method for preparing for the TEAS test.

      By actively engaging in practice questions, you will be able to notice your weak areas, get a feel of the exam and improve your time management strategies.

      You can access practice tests and other valuable study materials from the ATI website and other TEAS exam sites.

      6. Take care of your physical and mental health 

      It’s vital to take care of your physical and mental health when preparing for the exam.

      Being healthy means that you’ll be more productive and retain more information.

      To maintain your health:

      • Take frequent breaks
      • Sleep early
      • Eat balanced meals
      • Don’t study for too long

      7. Understand, don’t cram 

      As with all other exams, the TEAS test will test your understanding of the basic principles of science, math, reading, and english.

      To improve your success rate, don’t cram but understand concepts.

      Understanding the core concepts means that no matter how much the question is twisted, you’ll still be able to answer the question correctly.

      Using the above exam tips will help you adequately prepare and ace the TEAS Nursing Exam.

      Best TEAS exam prep courses

      Prep courses are an effective way for preparing for the TEAS exam for nurses.

      Here are a few of the best TEAS test prep courses:

      1. ATI TEAS prep course 

      The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) is the testing company that develops and administers the TEAS Entrance Exam.

      ATI offers a comprehensive and interactive test prep course that features:

      • 650 practice questions and answers
      • 65 student-centric lessons covering the four content areas of the TEAS test
      • Two full-length mock exams featuring 150 questions
      • Customizable study guides
      • Personalized tutoring at an extra fee

      2. Kaplan TEAS prep course 

      Kaplan is a popular TEAS prep provider that offers a unique teaching experience for TEAS test takers.

      The Kaplan prep course features:

      • 550+ TEAS practice questions
      • Performance breakdown including a score report and other statistics
      • Personalized topical quizzes 
      • Free extra practice questions
      • In-depth answer explanations

      3. Mometrix TEAS prep course 

      Mometrix is a dynamic TEAS prep course that offers excellent video, audio, and mobile-friendly TEAS exam content.

      With the Mometrix TEAS prep course, you’ll get:

      • Over 110 videos
      • Over 1700 practice questions
      • 525 flashcards
      • Eight full-length mock exams
      • Audio and mobile lesson versions
      • Project tracking

      4. Nursing.com TEAS test review

      Nursing.com is well known for producing high-quality, interactive pre-nursing training courses, including TEAS and HESI 2 test nursing review courses.

      With the nursing.com TEAS review course, you’ll get:

      • Over 500 multiple choice practice questions
      • Personalized study manuals
      • Excellent video and mobile content
      • Downloadable PDF cheat sheet
      • Access to discussion boards and private Facebook page
      • A comprehensive library of topics in human body health (anatomy, physiology)

      5. ExamEdge TEAS prep course

      Exam edge specializes in offering the most comprehensive library of TEAS practice tests in the market today.

      With ExamEdge, you’ll get:

      • 20 comprehensive practice tests 
      • 4+ retakes
      • Bonus purchase of 5+ test papers
      • 168 questions per test
      • Customizable purchase plans (buy one or more tests)


      The TEAS Entrance Exam is a vital nursing qualification exam that all aspiring nursing students must take seriously.

      And even though this entrance exam is not overly tricky, many candidates still flop it due to poor preparations or not understanding the exam structures and requirements.

      We hope that our comprehensive guide has shed light on most of the challenging or unclear issues of this exam.

      If you have any further questions, then our expertly crafted FAQ section below will answer them.

      All the best on your nursing journey.










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