Haunted hospitals

The idea of a haunted place as a location where one could get in contact with a realm that isn’t usually visible to the eye is more than intriguing.

Many of these haunted locations are in very close connection to places where death wasn’t an uncommon occurrence.

The thought of an abandoned hospital can may one think of a place where paranormal events and ghostly encounters and here are some haunted hospitals you should definitely learn more about.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

In 1883, Major Thomas H. Hays bought a piece of land on which grounds, later on, would be the Waverly Hills Sanatorium built.

As the Major was a massive fan of his own name, he eventually decided to name the place Waverly Hill. The community that resided within this property was pretty much self-contained.

All of the residents who had decided to come here, and also including the nurses, doctors, and other staff members, eventually realized that if they went ‘’up the hill’, they would have to say their farewells to the life they knew before.

With tuberculosis being a large issue in those days in combination with improperly trained medical staff, a vast majority of the patients had their lungs at one point surgically removed, which caused many deaths. The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is nowadays known as one of the places known to mankind.

There have been several reports of otherworldly activities during paranormal investigations.

The Danvers State Hospital

As it was built in 1874, within a very isolated and self-standing site in the rural area of Massachusetts, the building itself was originally intended to be isolated in structure.

The property, the building, and the very land on which the complex was built from the ground have been plagued with tragedy, pain, and suffering. Horrific encounters linked to abuse, murder, and various kinds of afflictions of pain have been brought in relation to this place.

Some say that another interesting fact is that people, even back in the day, have found a way to link a specific segment in the story of the Danvers State Hospital to the popular topic of the Salem Witch Trials.

The very judge that used to preside over the Salem Witch Trials, known as John Hathorne, used to live on the grounds of this insidious place.

Utica State Hospital

The Big Apple might not just be all the shine and glow of the Upper-East side and all of the romanticized and glamorized sights displayed in Hollywood.

The ruthlessness of New York City can be seen without even having to scratch the surface heavily when it comes to haunted spots that still remain, especially the haunted hospitals of NYC.

One of these places that might even give you the creeps would most definitely be the Utica State Hospital.

Over the years, when it was used as a lunatic asylum, it has been overcrowded at times. The notorious doctors and nurses who used to work there used some pretty chilling and upsetting techniques to calm down unruly patients.

They have frequently beaten, abused, and terrifyingly enough, they used to put misbehaving patients in the adult-sized crib and lock them in these cribs for days. Haunting indeed.

Linda Vista in East Los Angeles

These days we can hear more and more hauntingly terrifying stories, secrets, and drama getting exposed when it comes to the living residents of Hollywood, but what do we know when it comes to the dead, and has paranormal investigations proven that there are hauntings to be found?

One of the places that seem to have gained a lot of attraction would most definitely be Linda Vista in East Los Angeles.

Upon the location being closed to the outside world as a hospital and having sent away every last patient and staff member – the location has been turned into a place where many filmmakers have seen a great opportunity to use it as a filming location.

Even during the filming time of some movies, this place spooked out directors, as various objects have fallen, got tipped over, and strange noises have been heard and have not been ignored ever since.

Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany NY

Prior to being turned into an asylum, the Rolling Hills Asylum was primarily opened as the Genessee County Poorhouse in 1826.

It was locally known as the place where a vast majority of lost souls were seen by their surrounding sane portion of the community as drunks, lunatics, and poor elderly people who did not seem fit enough to manage their lives and did not have any hope for a better life.

Due to the fact that most patients, that were also referred to as ‘poor inmates’, had almost no one to come look after them and ask about them, many of the staff members did unimaginable things to them. They have continuously abused and beaten the patients.

Electric shock therapy sessions got out of hand, and multiple lobotomies were performed almost daily performed. These days people often speak about various ghost sightings, and one of the most popular ghost visitors is a ghost named Roy, who apparently died in 1942.

He has been described as a very tall man who can be seen crying in the shadowy corners of the asylum.

Wrap Up

Abandoned hospitals will always have the strange and unusual aura of potentially being haunted as, at the end of the day, it is the place where life meets death, and it will always be a conversation starter for all discussions which navigate toward the idea of the afterlife.

Strange sightings, unusual voices and whispers, and sudden changes in temperature are only a few of the things people reportedly have experienced in such places.

There are a great many teams that have come together to explore these haunted spots to check if there actually are any paranormal sightings. Now whether you are going to be one to believe in these stories or not, you will have to figure out this one by yourself.

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