Haunted Hospitals

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Haunted Hospitals
Haunted Hospitals
Here is a chilling list of haunted mental institutions, hospitals and asylums

where horrific abuse and even murder took place.

Below are current stories shared by real nurses. Maybe you’ve worked in a haunted hospital!

Haunted Hospitals

Wet Footprints
It was a cold and rainy night in the old victorian style hospital up on the hill. At two am, even the air inside smelled wet and a small handful of staff were quietly seated at the nurse’s station in the locked behavioral health unit. Suddenly one of the aides asked “Did you hear that?” Everyone strained to listen but didn’t hear anything. They started talking again quietly. This time they all heard it -a knocking sound followed by a moan.

Then the elevator stopped on their floor, a key only locked elevator. No one was inside and no one had called it to the floor. One of the nurses cautiously walked over to peer inside. On the floor of the elevator were wet prints as if from shoes.

Haunted OR
At the old hospital I worked at we had an abandoned OR. It was like everyone just left one day and never came back. Names and surgeries still on the white boards on the doors, everything. One of the ORs was actually used by a surgeon to commit suicide. I was told that at a 2am when the surgeon actually killed himself you can try to open the door but it won’t open. I worked dayshift and had been in and out of the old ORs many times. When I switched to night shift I decided I had to check it out. Low and behold I walk up to the door at 2 am and I push and push and there was no getting into that room. Although intrigued, I was super freaked out!

Ghost Husband
On the unit I was working on a lady coded. After running the code for awhile, they were able to get her heart beating again. She sat up in bed and scanned the roomful of people then asked “Where is my husband? He was just here a minute ago.” Her heart stopped again and she could not be revived. Her husband had been dead for years.

The Faucet
After I got back from maternity leave I was on my break pumping. When I was just about done the faucet across the room turned on all by itself full blast.

Tele Monitor
When your patient passes away and you turn off the monitor and “discharge” them out of the monitor system, but then the monitor turns itself on and you see a run of V tach. That’s happened a couple of times in the ICU.

It would keep happening despite us disconnecting the patient and keeping on “discharging” the patient from the monitoring system. So we pulled out the tram to actually shut it down.

Voices That Aren’t There
I’ve heard my name called.. thinking it was my co worker needing help in a near by room.. only to find out they weren’t near by at all and they weren’t calling me.

The Ivy Plant
One thing I remember was one of those huge ivy plants in the residents living room. All the leaves….and there were hundreds of them started going up and down in complete unison. Not the stalks, no wind….etc. 20 of us saw it! Went on about 4 minutes. I don’t understand how spirits can do such a thing…

Red Baseball Hat
At my LTC there was a little boy with a red baseball hat employees and patients saw often. Patients would leave blankets outside for him in the winter. Apparently he was a patient many years ago. That LTC was named most haunted in Georgia. Employees on night shift would quit!

Call Light
Hello from Australia. I went to work on a night shift walking down corridor to nurse station for handover. Buzzer goes off in room 4 so I pop my head in. No-one there window open. Patient has passed away and body had just been taken to mortuary.

Baby Crying
I worked in a hospice unit that was once labor and delivery rooms. Many of our patients talked about wanting to hold the baby that was in the next room crying.

Previous Resident
I had a resident call normally once a night to ask us to please get the man out of her chair and room. No one was

in there. No one was out of bed. There was a man who lived in that room before the new resident moved in. Furniture would also be moved. No, the resident living in the room could not of moved it.

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