The Nurse Code Editorial process

Here at nurse code, we take pride in our editorial process. We do this in order to make sure that our readers are getting the most up-to-date information for all things related to becoming a nurse and passing your nursing exams.

Expert subject matter writers

We have a wide range of subject matter experts. Everything from certified nursing assistants, registered nurses, and people that are experts in passing nursing entry exams like the HESI A1 and the TEAS. We understand that these nursing exams like the NCLEX RN are constantly changing. That is why we are always adapting our content.

A wide range of voices

The nurse code family is welcoming of all people. Regardless of sexuality, race, gender, religion, or age, everybody has an equal chance to be part of this growing team to help nurses around the world thrive.

Nurse code editorial team

The nurse code editorial team makes sure that every single piece of content that you read goes through a rigorous checking process. Not just anything is published. We need to make sure that everything that a user can see on the website is fact-checked, up today, and thorough.

Nurse code review board

The people that we have review in the content are all qualified writers and nurses. Ranging from certified nursing assistants, people that are in nursing school, and people that are studying for the wide range of nursing exams that are available.


We are fact-checking Maniacs here at nurse code. We understand that the internet is full of misleading information and false claims. That is why we strive to be extra careful with the information that we publish on our website. Every fact is passed down through at least three people to make sure that the information is correct and that we are not misleading.

Any medical statement is rigorously reviewed by our team. That is why our primary sources are peer-reviewed journals, colleges, other academic institutions, and government agencies. All of our sources are always listed at the bottom of each article.

Citations, sources, and references

We fact-check any claim, reference, recommendation, or any medical statement. All of our citations will be listed at the bottom of each article that you read.

The majority of our references are from academic institutions, government agencies, peer-reviewed medical journals, and other reliable sources.

Up-to-date information

We understand that the nursing environment is constantly changing. Breakthroughs are happening all the time, and we try our hardest to make sure that our information is always kept up-to-date and current.

That is why our review board, our editorial team, our writers, and our reviewers are always searching out new relevant information to make changes to old content.

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