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    Welcome to another educational article on the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam.

    This article promises to show you what the CNA examination is all about, the curriculum, requirements and exam fees, how to study and pass the exam, and the benefits and prospects of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.

    This article covers the following:

    CNA Exam Structure
    CNA Exam Curriculum
    CNA Exam Prerequisites, Registration, Fees
    CNA Exam Testing Dates and Location
    CNA Exam prep courses
    CNA Exam – Benefits & Prospects
    The CNA Exam: useful tips to help you pass on the first attempt

    So, let’s continue right away!

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      CNA Exam Structure

      The CNA exam has two parts: 

      • A written exam
      • A clinical skills test 

      There are 60 multiple-choice questions on the written examination. 

      Candidates have 90 minutes to finish the exam. 

      During the clinical skills exam, you must perform nursing duties before an evaluator for the clinical skills examination. 

      In 30 minutes, you must demonstrate about five duties. 

      Although perfection is not expected when completing these assignments, you are expected to self-correct as needed and be precise when completing the essential phases. 

      A passing score is usually a minimum of 70% in each section.

      Keep in mind that each state has its own set of requirements for how much time you have to complete both portions and what percentage makes a passing mark. 

      Therefore, the preceding rules are only rough guidelines.

      CNA Exam Curriculum

      In this exam, you will be tested in 18 different areas. These are the topics:

      • Mental health
      • Anatomy and physiology
      • Body mechanics
      • Range of motion
      • Aging process
      • Nutrition
      • Daily living activities
      • Ethical and legal issues
      • Personal care
      • Safety
      • Vital signs and testing
      • Cultural and spiritual needs
      • Client rights
      • Communication
      • Data collection
      • Role and responsibility of CNA
      • Medical terminology
      • Infection control

      The responsibilities that will be tested in the clinical skills examination vary, but some of the most common ones are catheter care, evaluating vital signs, transferring a patient from bed to a chair, and gait belt transfer. 

      It’s vital to note that, while you won’t know all of the duties that the exam will evaluate ahead of time, your handwashing method will always be expected to be shown. 

      If you do not wash your hands for the required 20 seconds, you will fail.

      CNA Exam Prerequisites, Registration, Fees

      A high school diploma and a transcript from their previous school are required for most CNA courses. 

      Some institutions and programs may also require candidates to pass an entrance exam and a criminal background check.

      While some examinations are designed to assess your ability to learn, the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Exam, administered by state certification boards or jurisdictions, is designed to assess your comprehension of what you have already learned. 

      The CNA certification exam aims to establish an objective assessment of a test taker’s knowledge and nursing skills by using a standardized testing process.

      Simply put, it’s more important to know what you know than it is to solve intelligent riddles. 

      You may pass the CNA exam and become a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) by studying critical concepts on the examination so you can answer as many questions as possible.

      Repetition and comprehensive study is a process that rewards those who are serious about being prepared, which implies that nearly anyone interested in learning the information can pass the CNA exam.

      So, if you’re afraid about your forthcoming CNA exam, you may relax if you have a sound method for determining what to study and how to employ repetition successfully.

      Every state has its own CNA certification examination.

      Your CNA exam will most likely be conducted by one of the following third-party exam certification providers, depending on your state of residence:

      The National NNAAP from Pearson Vue: The National Nurse Assistant Assessment Program (NNAAP) is the most extensive CNA test evaluation program in the United States. 

      There are 70 multiple-choice questions with four answer alternatives on their written knowledge exam. 

      Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, DC, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virgin Islands, Virginia, and Washington are where the NNAAP Nurse Aide exam is available.

      CNA Exam by Prometric (Nurse Aide exam): You’ll have 90 minutes to finish a 60-question written exam and 30-40 minutes to finish the clinical skills assessment.

      Prometric will most likely conduct your CNA exam if you live in one of the eleven states listed below: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, or Oklahoma.

      HDMaster (D&S Diversified Technologies): The Headmaster CNA exam is delivered in two stages, just like the other test providers: written and manual skills exams. 

      The CNA written test consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, while the clinical skills exam consists of three to four specified competencies.

      Arizona, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin are among the states that use HDMaster to give their CNA exams. 

      The cost of the CNA Exam varies depending on which state you take it in. 

      However, it costs around $100 on average.

      CNA Exam Testing Dates and Location

      Prometric, Pearson Vue, and HDMaster offer Nurse Aide testing in many states. 

      Select your desired jurisdiction or state and follow the application process to schedule a test center on Prometric.

      In Florida, for example:

      Candidates are required to submit a completed testing application together with testing payments to Prometric at least 50 days before the scheduled test date.

      Within three business days, Prometric processes applications and sends information to the Department of Health/Board.

      Candidates must pass a Level II background check that includes image capture.

      The CNA training programs, approved by the state, send a list of all students who have completed training to the Board of Education’s office.

      Board staff reviews all information supplied to establish candidate eligibility for testing and notified Prometric of permission. (usually within 30 days.)

      Prometric schedules candidates once the Board has determined their eligibility.

      CNA Exam prep courses

      The best approach to passing any certification exam, CNA inclusive, is the continuous attempt at solving practice exams long before the CNA final exam date.

      Repeat the practice tests till you are very familiar with most questions. 

      CNA practice questions and flashcards are available on the “Flashcard Database” website and many other CNA practice test sites to assist you in your studies.

      Purchase textbooks from Amazon and look for videos, checklists, and reading materials on websites like “CNA Training Help.”

      Find study buddies to assist you in your preparation. 

      You will better understand the content if you discuss it with others. 

      In addition, discussing the things you’re learning will help them stick in your mind.

      CNA practice tests are the most effective strategy to prepare for the exam than traditional CNA classes.

      CNA Exam – Benefits & Prospects

      A Certified Nursing Assistant is an essential part of the healthcare team. 

      In truth, health care would be impossible to deliver without CNAs. 

      The CNA’s primary responsibility is to provide direct care to patients, clients, or residents of the facility or organization where they work. 

      In addition, CNAs assist with daily activities such as clothing, bathing, and eating. 

      They must also assure the safety and comfort of their patients.

      As of May 2018, the average annual income was around $28,540

      It varies according to where you live and work because of the perks that most employers provide, such as paid vacation and holidays, medical insurance, and retirement contributions; working full-time earns around 25% more. 

      Other benefits, such as tuition reimbursement, may be available. 

      Working as a CNA is ideal if you enjoy diversity. 

      Every shift will be different, no matter where you work. 

      In addition, patients and their conditions vary throughout time. 

      Even in a long-term care facility, you never know what the day will bring. 

      When you’re coping with the day’s events, time flies by—as a direct caregiver, working as a CNA is a rewarding vocation. 

      It can also be a path towards becoming a registered nurse or a licensed practical/vocational nurse (LPN/LVN) (RN). 

      You may decide to seek a degree as a physical, occupational, or respiratory therapist as you work with other medical disciplines. 

      So passing your CNA Exam is crucial in your career ladder as a nursing aide.

      The CNA exam: useful tips to help you pass at the first attempt

      Passing the CNA exam, especially on the first try, might seem like a daunting exercise, but it is possible.

      Here are a few solid tips on passing the exam, even on the first attempt.

      Read Carefully: Take a look at the question! Yes, this appears to be self-evident. 

      However, if you’re in a rush or believe you already know the solution, you risk overlooking crucial information.


      • Before you read the possibilities, consider the response
      • Before selecting any options, read the question and decide the correct response to help avoid confusion or error; you could already know the answer if you’ve been studying
      • As you read each option, keep your answer in mind

      The best approach to success is to know the correct answer.

      Keep an eye out for exceptions: If a question says “All are true EXCEPT” or “Which is NOT right,” pay extra attention to the options. 

      It’s easy to lose sight that you’re looking for the incorrect answer and wind up selecting one of the three correct options.

      Choose the best choice from the list: You may be asked to choose the most acceptable answer from four options in response to a question. 

      The optimum solution may not be the correct one in a perfect scenario. 

      Each option should be read carefully and treated as valid or untrue.

      “All or None”: If you select “all of the above” or “none of the above,” you must analyze each of the following three options separately. 

      Don’t assume that the “all” or “none” options are always correct.

      Guessing: You’ll need a technique for making a good guess if you don’t know the answer. 

      Usually, one or two possibilities are incorrect to rule them outright immediately. 

      Then consider each of the remaining options to determine how well they relate to the question. 

      You should be able to choose between two options. 

      Finally, compare and contrast them to find which one makes more sense.


      CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) are essential members of the patient-care team. 

      CNAs support medical professionals by providing physical care and emotional and moral support to patients and their families, actually making a difference in their lives. 

      CNAs are the nurse’s eyes and ears; they save lives by reporting changes and observing anything out of the ordinary. 

      Anyone who dismisses this crucial profession does not realize the impact a good CNA can have. 

      A RN’s best ally is a capable CNA. 

      Passing your CNA exam subsequently shows that you have been thoroughly trained and qualified as a CNA.



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