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The NCLEX Whisperer


  Who is the NCLEX Whisperer? It’s a nurse who is a miracle worker in helping students pass the NCLEX. Meet Damion Jenkins, who I met recently at the National [...]

Haunted Hospitals

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Haunted Hospitals Here is a chilling list of haunted mental institutions, hospitals and asylums where horrific abuse and even murder took place. Below are current stories [...]

My Shared Death Experience


I’m a skeptic by nature. Anyone who knows me would agree. I mostly believe things that can be proven. My daughter with her Dad at the end I don’t believe in [...]

Barbara Dawson’s Death


Barbara Dawson’s Death On Dec. 21, 2015,  57 year old Barbara Dawson died at a Florida hospital. In and of itself, that wouldn’t make headlines, but she died [...]
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