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Why Are Nurses So Exhausted?

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Why Are Nurses So Exhausted? While driving home after work at 8 one evening, Kim saw police headlights in her rear view mirror. She glanced down at her speedometer. She [...]

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What Your Charge Nurse Wants You to Know Recently I asked @wheresthecharge, an anonymous charge nurse on Twitter, what she’d like clinical bedside nurses to know. [...]

Reality Shock in Nursing


Reality Shock in Hospital Nursing   Lisa was amped to start her new job. She had prepared for the top ten interview questions and carefully crafted a winning resume [...]

The NCLEX Whisperer


  Who is the NCLEX Whisperer? It’s a nurse who is a miracle worker in helping students pass the NCLEX. Meet Damion Jenkins, who I met recently at the National [...]
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