Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Salary (2022) – How is it Like?


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    Hi, welcome to another exciting and educational piece about Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners’ salaries.

    In this article, we shall discuss the salaries of Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners by State, years of experience, and lots more.

    At the end of this article, you will better understand ANPs’ salaries, where they get paid most, and how to improve these earnings.

    This article shall discuss the following:

    Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Salary – Overview
    Average ANP Salary
    ANP Salary by Years of Experience
    Salary By State and City
    ANP Salary compared to other Nursing Specialties

    So relax, and let’s begin.

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      Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Salary – Overview

      Several perks come with the job of an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, including high compensation, substantially less stress than the majority of other healthcare positions, the opportunity to work part-time or full-time, and regular and predictable hours of operation, among others.

      You may even be qualified to start your medical aesthetics firm depending on where you obtain your license.

      A Nurse hopes to improve every person’s physical and mental health and quality of life who comes into their care.

      Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Salary - Overview

      On the other hand, Aesthetic or Cosmetic Nurses approach their profession specifically: they want to see good improvements in the appearance of the individuals close to them and are concerned about them.

      Their patients benefit from this process by feeling better about themselves and how they appear to others.

      As a result, they benefit from the process by feeling better about themselves and how they appear to others.

      A person’s pay is always an important component to consider while pursuing any profession or applying for work, regardless of the field.

      However, even if you are enthusiastic about what you do, you must be confident that you will be fairly compensated.

      Average ANP Salary

      The base compensation earned by an Aesthetic NP can range between $88,131 and $103,177 per annum, with an estimated average of $94,975 per year.

      The salary earned by an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner depends on the individual’s amount of experience.

      Total cash compensation, including base salary and yearly incentives, can range from $88,436 to $103,514 per year (including base salary and yearly bonuses).

      The total consists of a base wage and annual bonus payments in monetary compensation.

      Education, certifications, supplemental abilities, and the number of years you have worked in your sector, among other characteristics, can all impact your earning potential.

      An Aesthetic Nurse Specialist with a Master’s Degree or MBA earns a median salary of $112,572-$117,000 in the United States when paired with additional qualifications.

      According to your experience and education, the median annual income can range between $113,440 and $118,570 if you hold a JD or MD, a Ph.D., or an equivalent degree.

      ANP Salary by Years of Experience

      An Anesthetic Nurse with three years of experience (or less) can earn $45,000 annually.

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an Aesthetic Nurse with up to 10 years of experience gets an average salary of $70,000 per year.

      In contrast, an Aesthetic Nurse with over 10 years of experience earns $88,000 annually.

      The average annual income for Aesthetic Nurses with over  20 years of experience is $90,000.

      Salary By State and City

      It turns out that there are four states where the typical income earned by an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner employment is higher than the national average, as determined by our research.

      In terms of population, Massachusetts is the most populous state, followed by New Jersey and Hawaii in second and third place, respectively.

      Massachusetts is the best performer in the country, with an additional $4,443 (4.5 percent) outperformance over the national average of $99,735.

      Salary By State and City

      As indicated by the fact that many firms are currently recruiting for this type of employment in Massachusetts, there are numerous prospects for Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners.

      The salaries for Aesthetic Nurse Specialists are shown in the following table, organized according to state.


      Annual Salary

      Monthly Pay

      Weekly Pay

      Hourly Wage






      New Jersey




















      New York










      Rhode Island

























      North Dakota















      New Hampshire















      South Dakota





      New Mexico








































      South Carolina

























      West Virginia
















































































      North Carolina










      From our research, the average salary earned by an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner is often greater in 10 cities than the national average salary.

      Sunnyvale, California, is at the top of the list, with Santa Cruz, California, and Santa Rosa, California following closely after in the second and third slots, respectively.

      Sunnyvale, California, is the most populous city in the United States.

      As a result, Santa Rosa, California, surpasses the national average by $17,240 (17.3 percent).

      At the same time, the city of Sunnyvale, California, follows the trend by earning an additional $21,113 (21.2 percent) more than the national average of $99,735 in earnings.

      Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner employment opportunities in Sunnyvale, California, are only moderately plentiful, with only a few firms currently looking for this type of role in the city.

      It appears that relocating as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner to a different location will be incredibly lucrative in professional advancement and financial stability.

      The average income in these cities is above the national average.

      A further point to note is that the average income in these top 10 cities differs very slightly (by 8%) between Sunnyvale (California) and San Mateo (California), further confirming the conclusion that pay growth in this region of the country is limited.

      Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners may find it most advantageous to live in a lower-cost area when evaluating various job locations and pay advantages and downsides.

      The table below shows the average salary of Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners in top 10 cities.


      Annual Salary

      Monthly Pay

      Weekly Pay

      Hourly Wage

      Sunnyvale, CA





      Santa Cruz, CA





      Santa Rosa, CA





      Williston, ND





      Manhattan, NY





      Barnstable Town, MA





      Cambridge, MA





      Arlington, VA





      Dickinson, ND





      San Mateo, CA





      ANP Salary compared to other Nursing Specialties

      The number of jobs comparable to the Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner job type that pay more per year than the average Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner income in the United States was discovered to be at least five.

      Some of the job titles are Contract Nurse Practitioner, General Practitioner, and General Practitioner Physician.

      ANP Salary compared to other Nursing Specialties

      These occupations all pay $22,663 or $28,078 ( (22.7 or 28.1 percent) more than the typical Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner’s salary of $99,735, which is a significant difference.

      Suppose you are qualified for one of these related Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner duties.

      In that case, your employer may be able to pay you more money than you would otherwise earn in your typical Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner role, allowing you to earn more money.


      Hourly Wage

      Weekly Pay

      Monthly Pay

      Annual Salary

      Nurse Practitioner Contract





      General Practitioner





      Physician Assistant





      General Practitioner Physician





      Aesthetic Physician





      Hospital Nurse Practitioner





      How to Increase ANP Salaries

      Nurse Practitioners who hold advanced practice certifications can gain skills that will help them be effective contributors to their organizations due to their increased capacity to provide a broad range of patient care.

      Even though Nurse Practitioners earn a high salary, the methods they are compensated for may be different from those employed by employers in other industries.

      For example, Healthcare Providers may decide to compensate a Nurse Practitioner’s time rather than pay her a salary to save money.

      Instead of compensating Nurses based on the amount of time they put in, some hospitals measure productivity in relative value units, resulting in the Nurse receiving a share of the hospital’s monetary income.

      How to Increase ANP salaries

      The use of Nurse Practitioners’ expertise in creating written content may, on rare occasions, result in additional income outside of the clinical setting for the Nurse Practitioner.

      The ability to communicate information gathered from the ever-changing world of healthcare to a broader audience, which can include anybody from Clinicians and other healthcare professionals to patients and the general public, is facilitated by developing a writing practice.

      Having a profitable side business that Nurse Practitioners can run from the comfort of their own homes can be extremely beneficial.

      In addition, enrolling in dermal fillers and botox training certification and other Advanced Nursing Programs will add great value to an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist’s resume, and help achieve your goal in this career path.


      Because of their versatility and wide range of abilities, ANPs are a valuable resource in various contexts and situations.

      These marketable skills may be crucial for ANPs seeking positions that allow them to make more than the average pay and advance to the industry’s top tier.

      It is anticipated that the job outlook for ANPs will improve dramatically over time, which implies they will be able to earn more competitive salaries in the future.



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