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Hi there!

Thank you for coming to find out more about me. I really appreciate you being here.

Maybe you are asking  “Who is Nurse Beth?”  I work in acute care as a Staff Official-Badge-Top-25-Nursing-BlogDevelopment Professional Specialist, which I love because it gives me a lot of contact with new nurses, some of my favorite people.

In every role I’ve held in my extensive nursing career, I’ve been the voice of the “nurse’s nurse”- bringing awareness to bedside nursing and patient care concerns. Communicating the importance of supporting nurses in order to achieve the best patient outcomes is near and dear to my nurse’s heart.

And now in this phase of my career, I am deep into roles as a writer, speaker, and career advice columnist,bringing all my skills, expertise and passions together.


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Nurse Beth

I recently published my book, the ultimate guide for every job-searcher:  “Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job…and Your Next!

I hope my blog posts are  practical, informative and helpful. I really like to give my readers solid content and self-help tools; something they can take away and use. I want nurses to thrive in their careers.

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In addition to my own blog, I write for OnlineUniversities and for Staffgarden on  and am past contributor to multiple other sites.

Behind the scenes, I serve as a subject matter expert and content developer for ANCC, AMSN, ANPD, Versant and HealthStream.

Career Columnist

nurse-beth-logo (1)As  Nurse Beth of Ask Nurse Beth at, one of the largest nursing forums on the web, with 1, 000,000 + members. I bring my nurse manager background with inside knowledge of the workings of hospitals, promoting, and hiring to my advice column.  I love encouraging nurses, sharing career tips, and helping them realize their potential.


In my role as Staff Development Educator (and past Educator of the Year) I frequently create content and deliver to large audiences. I enjoy speaking, using humor and inspiration while bringing practical advice to groups. I love helping nurses find joy in their profession.

Speaking is one of my  favorite things because I love connecting with and helping others. Those connections gives me energy.

Past speaking engagements include ANPD national conference in PA, July 2016, and NNBA in Las Vegas, October 2016.

I started this blog in September of 2014 and since then have been featured in:


Nursing has been the most amazing career for me, and helping other nurses is my way of giving back.

Still reading? 🙂 Read my real background story here 🙂

Please contact me at if I can write for you, or speak at an event, or if you are interested in sponsored content.


Nurse Beth

Author, “Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job…and Your Next!

Come visit me at Ask Nurse Beth career column at for all kinds of  entertaining and informative career questions and answers, and to submit your own question :)


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  • American Nurses Society ANA
  • American Association of Critcal-Care Nurses AACN 
  • National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses NAON
  • Oncology Nurses Society ONS
  • Association for Nursing Professional Development ANPD
  • National Nurses Business Association NNBA
  • Infusion Nurses Society INS
  • Sigma Theta Tau
  • Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses AMSN


  • Board Certified Nursing Professional Development Specialist RN-BC
  • ONS Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Provider
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support ACLS 
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse CCRN past holder
  • Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional HACP past holder



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