Charge Nurse Salary: How Much Per State in 2022?


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    Hello Readers! Welcome to another insightful article that delves into everything you need to know about Charge Nurse Salary!

    This article contains an in-depth overview of the Charge Nurse Salary, which will help you decide whether you want to pursue Charge Nurse as your career.  

    By the end of this article, you will have a detailed overview of Charge Nurse Salary; by state, qualification, certification, experience, and the factors that affect Charge Nurse Salary.

    This article will contain the following:

    Salary Outlook
    Factors that affect Charge Nurse Salary
    Salary by State
    Salary by Qualification, Certification
    Salary by Experience

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      From 1st standard to your career as a Healthcare Professional, you will always find someone “in charge” of moderating and managing the team – the people that work under them.

      Charge Nurses, or as you call them, the Nursing Sisters, are Registered Nurses – RNs that supervise or “lead” their respective departments in a healthcare facility, private clinic, or Nursing home.

      They look after their department and its entire staff or Nursing unit to ensure excellent Patient Care and an efficient workplace.

      An Introduction to Charge Nurse.

      They are responsible for handling administrative tasks, mentoring the staff, maintaining patient records, looking after respective departments such as ICU or ER, creating continuing education programs, solving staffing problems, maintaining annual staff evaluations, and more.

      They are Nurse Leaders with a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders.

      This is one of the biggest reasons they expand their earning potential as they add on years of experience and improvise their leadership skills.

      Charge Nurse Salary Outlook

      According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 2022 Charge Nurses earn an annual average salary of $92,463.

      The average base salary ranges from $85,882 to $120,797.

      Whereas the total cash compensation (bonus, overtime) ranges from $86,901 to $103,390.

      However, many factors can fluctuate your pay scale as a Charge Nurse, including:

      • The state you live in
      • Your level of education or qualification
      • Your Nursing leadership skills and experience
      • Your performance as a Charge Nurse

      As per the statistical data, these factors greatly influence your annual base salary.

      The top earners make it to the 90th percentile by making a whopping $83,000 and more annually.

      You need to create a blend of managerial, leadership, and clinical skills in yourself to get on the higher end of Charge Nurse Salary and other benefits.

      The average annual income for the Charge Nurse position can stoop as low as $39,000 – in the 25th percentile.

      While most Nurses fall in the 75th percentile by making around $74,000 annually.

      To increase the digits on your paycheck, you have to continuously evolve and improve as a Nurse Practitioner.

      Because money in Nursing Care does not come easy, you have to rightfully earn it by showing off your capabilities and expertise in Nursing Care.

      Factors that Affect Charge Nurse Salary

      In any profession, especially Health Care, the more qualifications and experience you have, the more chances to land a well-paid job.

      Suppose you are a Charge Nurse or, on your way to cloak the Charge Nurse role, we have enlisted all the factors that will help you earn more.

      Charge Nurse Salary by State

      The place you live in greatly impacts your income and your savings.

      It will either eat up a major chunk of your salary each month or allow you to save for your future.

      In the U.S., the Medical Sector is diverse, and no two states offer the same job incentives.

      From cost of living to other expenses like transport and food, the average Charge Nurse Salary varies from state to state.

      We have compiled the top 10 states in the U.S. that pay the highest Charge Nurse Salaries:


      $124,000 annually.

      A beautiful state with attractive cities and tempting earning opportunities makes it to the top of the highest-paying states in healthcare facilities.

      Amongst all other states, California adjusts the income as per the cost of living alongside other benefits like 401(k), medical and dental insurance, and more.

      If you plan to move to California for better economic opportunities, you can move to cities like Sacramento, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.


      $106,000 annually. 

      Next on the list is a state known for its diverse culture and inclusiveness.

      Hawaii, U.S, is a hub for tourism yet has fewer healthcare facilities.

      This is why Clinic Nurses are always in-demand.

      Due to less competition, the earning potential is way more in Nursing Care.

      So, instead of making Hawaii your next travel destination, make it your “Charge Nurse Career destination.”

      District of Columbia

      $98,540 annually.

      With the U.S capital, Washington, DC, present in this state, it has a massive healthcare sector.

      Your location greatly impacts your Charge Nurse Salary

      Its ever-growing healthcare industry requires potential Registered Nurses who can prove their leadership skills.


      $97,230 annually.

      Many cities in Alaska, U.S., offer high Charge Nurse pay with many other job benefits.

      So if you look to work in a secure and progressive environment, the Alaska healthcare facility can be your next stop.


      $96,630 annually.

      It is the most populous region in the U.S.

      More people means more healthcare facilities and high demand for healthcare professionals, especially Nurses.

      With high-paying cities like Boston, this state offers a great career and salary outlook for Registered Charge Nurses.

      Other states that offer great earning platforms are:

      New York

       $93,320 annually.

      New Jersey

      $89,690 annually.


      $85,223 annually.


      $88,800 annually.

      New Mexico

      $84,705 annually.

      It is evident that these salary estimates are not constant and can go up or down even for the same Charge Nurse position.

      Because often, people work full-time or part-time depending on their availability,

      You can also increase your annual income by up to $10,000 if you work overtime.

      Moreover, you can get great benefits such as paid sick leave and vacations, health, dental, and vision care, and even tuition reimbursement if you wish to continue your education.  

      Charge Nurse Salary by Level of Education/ Qualification

      To pursue your career in Nursing Care, it is important to enroll in an accredited Nursing Program and earn your degree and Nursing licensure to practice legally in any state in the U.S.

      The more degrees and certifications you have next to your name, the easier it gets for you to land a job according to your preference.

      Initially, to become a Charge Nurse, you need to have:

      • A professional degree such as an Associate Degree in Nursing – ADN or a bachelor’s degree like Bachelor of Science in Nursing – BSN
      • Pass the NCLEX-RN exam and get the licensure – to become a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN
      The more you learn, the more your  Charge Nurse Salary
      • At least 3 or more years of experience in Clinical Patient Care – you can work in a specific department if you wish to pursue your career in a specialty sector

      Or become an all-rounder by enhancing your competency and skills in all areas – Clinical Nurse, Nurse Manager, and Nurse Leader.

      These are the baseline requirements for any healthcare personnel to continue their career as a Nurse Practitioner.

      However, if you wish to earn more and get better at what you do, you can:

      • Get a Master’s Degree, Master of Science in Nursing – MSN
      • Get enrolled in Nursing Certification Programs

      The rule is easy; the more you learn, the more you earn!

      Charge Nurse Salary by Years of Experience

      While you look at different job descriptions or job titles, employers often want people with “certain years of experience.”  

      In the healthcare sector, specifically for the Charge Nurse Job, your competency is evaluated based on how well you manage the Nursing staff, run your respective department, and level of patient care.

      And, how do you think you will get better at all these skills and become the maestro in Nursing Care?

      Of course, by gaining hands-on clinical experience.

      The median salary estimate for Charge Nurse based on experience is as follows:

      • 0-3 years: $90,000 annually
      • 3-5 years: $90,989 annually
      • 5-10 years: $92,771 annually
      • 10+ years: $94,005 annually

      Get better at what you do to live the life you want.


      The median base salary for a Charge Nurse job is more than $90,000 per year.

      However, the numbers will keep changing on your paycheck depending on your state, years of experience, performance, education, and skills.

      It depends on your determination whether you want these numbers to go up or down.

      Nursing Care is a rewarding profession, not only financially but emotionally too.

      You create everlasting bonds with your patients and serve the community to its best.

      However, you need to create a blend of managerial, leadership, and clinical skills in yourself to get on the higher end of Charge Nurse Salary and other benefits.



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