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How to Answer “What Questions Do You Have for Us?”

how to answer "what questions do you have for us?"


How to Answer “What Questions Do You Have for Us?”

You’ve prepared for your interview questions because you’ve read The Top 10 Nursing Interview Questions. 

But there’s one more important step. Be sure you know how to answer “What questions do you have for us?”

You run the risk of losing points in an otherwise good interview if you falter at this point. You need a strong finish and here’s how.

Here’s a secret: most nursing candidates do not close their interview particularly effectively, but you can by understanding how to answer ‘What questions do you have for us?”  It is easy to do with these tips. Remember- you are still being interviewed while you ask the questions!

It may seem like a polite question on the part of the interviewers but they are really still evaluating you.

How to answer "what questions do you have for us?"How to Answer “What Questions Do You Have for Us?”: Avoid These

It’s never good to ask:

  • “Nothing, I’m good”! You run the risk of appearing disinterested or not being savvy enough to have prepared
  • “I have plans to attend my cousin’s wedding in April is that OK?” Wait until you have a job offer to ask for time off 
  • “How much is the weekend differential?”  Do not bring up pay or benefits at this point

Likewise, do not ask closed-ended questions and do not ask complicated or multi-part questions. Make it easy for the interviewers to respond. An example of a closed-ended question is:

  • “Do you like working here?” Instead ask ‘What do you most like about working here?

An example of a multi-part question is:

  • “What opportunities do you have for advancement and what service lines are being expanded ?” Instead ask one simple question, such as “What opportunities are there  for advancement in this position?” 

Questions to Impress

  • “What makes a candidate a good fit in this role?” Shows you understand they are looking for a good fit
  • “How will my success be measured?”
  • “As an employee, how can I exceed your expectations?” Shows confidence and savvy. Helps you stand out as NO ONE else will ask this. It takes guts, but they will love it). At the end of the day, when the interviewers debrief, they will say “Remember the one who asked “How can exceed your expectations?”
  • “If I were hired, what would I be expected to accomplish in my first months ?”

Role-Reversal Questions

  • “What do you love about this job?”
  • “What excites you in your role?”

You gain insight into the values of your potential boss by using role-reversal questions.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and now (because of you!) they get to talk about themselves while associating the good feelings with you.

Next Step Questions

  • “When can I expect to hear back?”
  • “What is the next step in the hiring process?”
  • “Do you have any concerns or final questions for me?” Shows confidence


You can also use this opportunity to  Restate, Reaffirm, and  Request.

Restate your strengths. Pro Tip: You can include anything you forgot to mention earlier.

Reaffirm your interest and your belief that you are a good fit and right for the job.

Request the next anticipated step

Be mindful of the final impression you wish to leave. In leaving, give a firm handshake.  Your handshake is a form of communication.

Make eye contact with each person and smile.

 Now that’s a strong finish! Good luck!


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Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

Author “Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job..and your next!” 

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3 Comments on How to Answer “What Questions Do You Have for Us?”

  1. Tara Desquitado // April 2, 2018 at 7:35 pm // Reply

    Hi Beth, sadly this advise came too late for me and I guess it’s also because I was a fresh grad and just got my license then. I applied to several hospitals but I’m just not good with interviews. I’m more able to express myself through writing so all my interviews did not really go well. It didn’t help that there’s a surplus of new nurses waiting in line. Perhaps when I decide to start over and use my profession, I’ll keep your advise in mind. Will bookmark this! Thanks a lot.

  2. Nice content thank you for sharing very informative.

  3. As an experienced scrub nurse, I was filled with infinite wisdom and overconfidence that so often accompanies youthful life inexperience. As the interview was winding up I piped up with, “I would just like to know if you are going to hire me.” The interviewer was obviously surprised by my boldness and stuttered and stammered, “Well, yes, you seem like the type we are looking for.” I think my only saving grace was being a very good OR nurse…It certainly was not my cocky personality that got me the job.

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