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The NCLEX Whisperer


The NCLEX WhispererWho is the NCLEX Whisperer? It’s a nurse who is a miracle worker in helping students pass the NCLEX.

Meet Damion Jenkins, who I met recently at the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) conference. Here’s how one nurse saw a need… and started a business! I was inspired because so many nurses don’t realize the skills they have that could parlay into independence and an income.

I asked Damion a few questions to get to know him better.

Damion, tell me about your business.

The Nurse Speak is a boutique nursing education and consulting company specializing in creating customized mentoring and tutoring services for nursing students and new graduate nurses who find themselves struggling within their program, or passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

By using a holistic approach to mentoring and tutoring, The Nurse Speak provides clients with a personalized learning experience that focuses on eliminating barriers and providing client-focused strategies for success!

The Nurse Speak also offers a variety of customized tutoring, mentoring, content writing, and consulting services for other healthcare students such as, CNA/GNA, PCT, Phlebotomy, & CPR, as well as healthcare facilities, online nursing CE companies, nursing related blogs and more!

What inspired you?

From starting out as a new grad staff nurse in a long-term care facility, to serving as an adjunct faculty professor and clinical instructor for a local community college, I have gained many wonderful experiences where I have worked diligently with educators, administrators, and nurses from all levels of experience to create positive change.

I believe that nursing is essential to the success of our entire health care system.

Therefore, in 2015, I developed a nursing blog to share my experiences, provide helpful advice, and create dialogue to help reach my goal of advancing the nursing profession. Within its first year, the Nurse Speak Blog reached an international audience, and my work was being recognized as a valuable contribution and resource for nursing by The American Journal of Nursing, and NSW Nurses and Midwives Association.

With the blog gaining more attention, I partnered with continuing education companies to author nursing education content, and to contribute to the development of blog articles, while also providing private tutoring services for students. It was from all this that I recognized that I could be a more effective change agent if I continued to offer my services through blogging, nursing education, and independent consulting – Thus The Nurse Speak was born!

How do you help the person who has multiple fails?

Many of the NCLEX prep clients I help have already failed the licensure exam more than once. In fact, I’ve had clients who’ve failed four or more times before they sought out my services. Whether my clients come to me via a referral, or find me through my website, they often come feeling embarrassed, defeated, and incompetent.

As a result, one of the most important things that I immediately do to help my clients – is to prove to them that they do in fact have what it takes to be a nurse, and that in many cases the barriers to their NCLEX success are simply circumstantial. For example, new graduate nurses are overwhelmed with reviewing and may benefit from some structure, while others may be going through a difficult time in their lives and need more emotional support.

Regardless of the circumstances , it is through laid-back, client-focused sessions, that I create a safe space where my clients are encouraged to bring 100% of who they are as an individual to our sessions, so that I in return can give them a personalized mentoring and tutoring service that will help them develop strategies for success!

What’s your best tips and strategies?

There are many tips and strategies that I help my clients master when it comes to preparing for the NCLEX, but if I were to share just one of my MOST helpful strategies, it would be to spend most of one’s study time on mastering test-taking strategies that helps to identify what the questions are asking, including analyzing the answer choices, rather than focusing primarily on a comprehensive nursing content review.

My clients find it extremely beneficial to learn how to read into the questions, pick them apart, and then make decisions using a systematic approach rather than relying solely on their gut.

What else would you like us to know?

The Nurse Speak Blog is considered a valuable resource by many leaders within the Nursing profession, and it features articles that highlight a variety of nursing related content including:

  • Strategies & Tips for Success
  • Personal Experience
  • Inspirational Quotes from Nurses
  • A monthly Nurse Entrepreneur Spotlight series

— and more!

Anyone who would like to learn more about Damion can visit, and follow him on the following social media platforms:


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Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

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