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Study for HESI, TEAS, or NCLEX


Study for HESI, TEAS, or NCLEX

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Taking the HESI, TEAS, or NCLEX exams is extremely stressful. Why? Because these exams are so important to your future. They determine nursing school acceptance and whether or not you are going to write “RN” after your name.  And those are life-changing events. Here’s a tool to help you get ready.

I want to thank the folks at award-winning Pocket Prep for inviting me to review their nursing exam prep apps. I pretty much always turn down compensated product review offers but these apps are so helpful (and value priced!) for nurses and nursing students that once I tested them, I wanted to write a review. Pocket Prep is a fully Nurse Beth endorsed product.

Study for HESI, TEAS, or NCLEX

The first thing I noticed is the price. For the price of a couple of Starbucks, you have access to anywhere from 895 to over 1,500 exam questions, depending on which app you choose. Even if you don’t spend $10.99-$12.99 to buy the full versions, the free versions are great, too, with free exam questions to get you started. You can quickly identify your strengths and weak areas.

Next I noticed the number of nursing exam preps they offer. Here are just a few:

Nursing Assistants:  CNA 

Nursing school applicants:    HESI A2

Graduate nurses:  NCLEX RN,  NCLEX LPN

The next best thing?  It’s mobile. So if you are waiting for class to start, Uber-ing, waiting in line anywhere…you can pick up your mobile device and quick- quiz yourself.

Test Taking Strategies *****

5 stars. Can I say, the app is worth downloading for this feature alone. I am pretty amazed that this comprehensive section is free. (Download the app before they change their mind, I am thinking it’s a mistake? Just kidding, but it did cross my mind.) Find out for yourself-read their key test taking strategies on the first screen.

  • Is it better to stay with your first answer or go back and change it?
  • When you don’t know the answer, when is it better to guess and when is it not better to guess ?
  • How can you easily recognize the best answer?
  • What are “distractor answers” and how do you avoid choosing them?

Find out these tips and more to boost your test scores. Every point counts.

Favorite Features

Study for HESI, TEAS, or NCLEX

Clean look and feel

Rationales. I learned the most by reading the rationales provided for each question.

Timer. There’s an optional timer  when testing. At first I thought the timer would limit the length of time I had to answer a question, but it seems to just activate a stopwatch to monitor how long you take.

Customize.  You can customize your exams by topic and by number of questions. Do you want Math only? Anatomy and Physiology?

Flagging. Flag questions for easy reference later. You missed a question on algebra but you’re in a rush. You need to study further, so you flag the question to remind you later. Or take a custom exam of only your flagged questions.

Graphics. Some really beautiful, high-resolution medical graphics. It would be nice to have even more graphics, as the images are very helpful.Study HESI, TEAS, NCLEX exam nursing

Case-based scenario questions. The questions are written in authentic exam style format.

Question of the Day. This is a great daily pop-up. It keeps your brain in alert mode.

Plus, once I answer one question, I’m likely to keep going and answer a few more.

Frequent short study sessions are more effective than marathon cramming sessions.

Alerts and Reminders.  You can set a Daily Study Reminder. It’s easy for several days to slip by without studying. This helps you keep on track. Pocket Prep keeps your cumulative, highest and lowest exam scores to track your progress. Set reminders for your exam date and it will give you a countdown to D-day.

Study for TEAS, HESI and NCLEX nursing exams

I like smiley faces

Smiley face when I score high and did “Superb!”



Study for HESI, TEAS, or NCLEX

Certification Prep Exams

Pocket Prep also offers certification prep for the experienced nurse. Most certifications require 2 years of relevant nursing experience.These apps cost between $27.00 and $29.00.

CCRN certified critical care registered nurse

PCCN progressive care certified nurse

CEN certified emergency nurse

CMSRN certified med surg registered nurse

FNP family nurse practitioner


Study for TEAS, HESI, NCLEX nurse examsFinally, take advantage of the blog on their site. A good article is Nursing Mnemonics . My favorite mnemonic is #3.

Best luck to you when you take your exam!

Until next time friend,

Nurse Beth


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  1. Beth, excellent post for those preparing to take a national nursing exam or certification. Review courses provide you with a course of study as you prepare.
    I teach a Case Management Certification Review course who those getting ready to sit for Case Management Certification. I will be teaching a program on March 19th in Hollywood FL, if you want information, email me and I will send you the flyer. My email is

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