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Avoid These Video Nursing Interview Blunders

Tips for a Video Nursing Interview Tips for a Video Nursing Interview

Avoid These Video Nursing Interview Blunders

Video nursing  interviews are becoming more and more common. The advantage of digital interviews is that you do not have to make plans and travel to the employer’s location- you can interview from the convenience  of your home. Here are tips to help make your video interview a success, and the most common blunders to avoid.THE book with everything you need to land your nursing job!!

Set the Stage for Your  Video Nursing Interview

Pick a room with a neutral background. The focus should be you, and not the picture of  The Scream in the background.

Tips for a Video Nursing Interview

Pay attention to the background

Inspect the room carefully. A friend of mine chose her bedroom for her video interview. Everything seemed fine until the interview ended and she turned around to see a lacy bra thrown over the back of  chair in full view of the camera.

Close the door and keep your pets out. Dogs and cats will uncannily know the recording area is out of bounds and therefore stalk you accordingly during your interview.

Silence all phones in the vicinity. Put a notice on the front door saying not to ring the doorbell.

Tips for a Video Nursing Interview

Tips for a Video Nursing Interview

Lights, Camera, Action

Lighting is critical to your  video nursing interview.

Bright natural lighting is best, with lighting both in front of you and behind you.

If you wear glasses, make sure the light is not shining in your eyes (coming towards you) and reflecting off your lenses. Make sure your face is not in shadow.

Rehearse the lighting set-up ahead of time.

Position your web cam so you are nether looking up or down at the interviewer. Check the lens of your camera to make sure it’s clean.

Dress for Success

Dress as you would for a live interview, and not just from the waist up. It’s important to mentally be in full interview mode, which is hard if you are wearing a nice business shirt but are barefoot with Daisy Dukes shorts underneath.

Avoid wearing all white as you will appear washed out.  Do not wear clothing the same color as the background, or you will fade into the background. The color red does not translate well. Avoid busy prints as they are distracting.

Women can wear a tad more make up than usual as it will translate well on camera.

Act the Part

Less than 10% of your communication is through your words. The majority is your facial expression, tone of voice and body language.   The second you are live, the interviewer is forming an impression of you, and mostly through your appearance.

Be “on”. Project warmth, energy, sit up straight. Smile appropriately and listen attentively. Resist looking at yourself on the screen, instead make eye contact with your interviewer by looking directly at the web cam.

Lean in slightly to show interest and engagement.

Technical Technicalities

Tips for a Video Nursing Interview

Tips for a Video Nursing Interview

Be sure you have enough battery life on your device. Choose a location where your internet connection is reliable. Be flexible and gracious if technical problems arise. If there are problems, the interview can always be conducted as a phone interview.

 Not Live

A nursing video interview, while face-to-face, is not the same as live.  You are not in a live conversation. There is a slight time lag. When asked a question, nod to give a second or two, and to avoid talking over the interviewer.

Unlike a live interview, you can have notes nearby or even posted on the wall behind the camera to remind you. Like a tele-prompter.

Prepare and Rehearse

Don’t be lulled into not preparing because you are in a comfortable location, your home. This is not a casual Skype between friends, it is an interview. Rehearse your answers and be fully prepared. Prepare for the interview questions “Tell Me About Yourself”  “Why Should We hire You?” “What Are Your Weaknesses?” and more.

Good luck !


Until next time, friend,

Nurse Beth

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