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Sample Resume for a New Grad RN

example of sample new grad rn resume Sample new grad rn resume

Sample Resume for a New Grad RN

Note that this candidate has not graduated yet. It’s important to start applying before you take the NCLEX. Waiting can delay your entry into a residency by up to six months. 

There is no one right way to structure a resume. There are many good formats. People debate the do’s and dont’s. But all agree that a poorly constructed resume is likely to be put aside. Choose a layout/structure that best highlights your information and experiences.

This will teach you how to build your unique resume to stand out and catch the employer’s interest

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Prepare your resume carefully and individualize it to each potential employer.

Resume templates are an option, but can be difficult to modify, with pre-formatted columns and text boxes. All resumes include at least the following categories:

    • Contact Information
    • Education
    • Work Experience

From there, you can add categories: Objective Statement/Licensure/Volunteer Experience/Honors/Achievements (pick or create a headline/category that highlights your accomplishments).

Sample Resume for a New Grad RN

Sample Resume for a New Grad RN

Your resume should be consistent in choice of font sizes and weights, be easy to read, concise, and skills focused. Bullet points aid in readability. It’s what the employer will look at when deciding whether or not to see you. note: the formatting to the resume below is limited by Word Press and in Word would have a better appearance

A resume is more than a list of experiences. The purpose of a resume is to land an interview. Try to think like an employer as you construct it.

 Keywords are in blue to show how the candidate bridges her/his strengths to the organization’s needs by using keywords from the RN job description. Keywords that may be programmed into scanning software may include words such as interpersonal skills, bilingual, communication skills, adaptable, energetic.

Editorial notes are in red. They show that everything you choose to include on your resume should have a purpose.

A resume for a new grad RN should be one page long.

Nathan Nurse
Home: (555) 123-9876 Cell: (555) 777-1212


 Objective (optional)

Energetic and compassionate new grad nurse seeking nursing position at Happy Hospital
This is the first impression you provide Be clear, concise Avoid fillers and fluff   One to two lines 

Licensure and Certification

BLS for Healthcare Providers, American Heart Association (AHA) Renewal: May 2017
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), AHA Renewal: May 2017
Certified Nursing Assistant # 34522 Renewal: August 2018


Cal State University Tri: Los Angeles, CA                           Expected May, 2017
Bachelor of Science in Nursing GPA 3.95
include GPA if it’s  high  No high school references

Clinical Experience

Maternal Health   St. Mary’s Medical Center                         Fall  2015
Med Surg                 Memorial Community Hospital             Spring 2015
Intensive Care       Torrance  Medical Center                         Spring 2015                                                                          

Proficient in EHR documentation in Epic, Cerner, and MediTech
Clinically competent in performing procedures, administering meds, and assessing patient needs model your language after that used in the job posting
Trained in culturally competent and age appropriate care
Experienced at developing plan of care to reflect identified needs and expected outcomes
Practiced in purposeful hourly patient rounding shows awareness of patient satisfaction initiatives

Some grads list basic skills such as “IV insertion”, but that’s a given. It’s expected that if you attended a nsg program you gave meds, followed isolation procedures, etc. Try to find something unique here if possible Did you serve as Charge during Leadership? Lead post conferences? 

Employment History

Nursing Assistant                                                                                  2014-present
St. Mary’s Medical Center: Williamsburg

•Provides direct patient care to 12 patients patient care experience
•Voted Employee of the Year by coworkers September, 2015 team player
•Selected by Nurse Manager to orient new Nursing Assistants role model


Ben’s Bistro: Williamsburg                                                                   2010-2014

•Excelled at resolving customer complaints  demonstrates communication skills
•Consistently received highest tips customer service work history is very helpful
•Awarded one year perfect attendance 2012 reliable

only provide relevant information that relates to the position you are applying for and only within the past 5-7 years. 

Volunteer Experience

L.A. County Pediatric Vaccination Mobile Program Summer 2015
•Traveled with mobile team to outlying areas
•Administered vaccinations
Big Brother Volunteer 2015-present

volunteer work is seen as positive, be sure and highlight everything you’ve done


Truly all the insider tips you need to land your nursing job!

Achieved perfect clinical attendance record
American Nurses’ Association, Active Member says professional
Dean’s List 2012, 2014, 2015 high achiever
Chair Student Nurses Association 2015 leader
Outstanding Scholar Award 2015 motivated
Recipient Nightingale Nursing Scholarship 2014


No need to add “References on request”. The employer will ask for them at a later date

I hope this helps you to compose your unique new grad RN resume. I hope you get an interview! 

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