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Sample Cover Letter Summary

note: This article refers to two cover letter tips found in my Sample Cover Letter, you’ll want to look at that first.

Did you notice the two tips?

Tip 1.  Headline

It’s pretty much guaranteed the other applicants will not use a headline.

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Make your cover letter show you’re the one they want!

How did you respond to it? Did it get your attention, and keep you reading? It’s a simple but unique way to stand out, with no downside.

Are you uncomfortable using a headline? Let me ask you this. What do you have to lose?

Tip 2.  P.S.

P.S.’s are irresistible. They are usually positive, light, and personal. It’s almost impossible not to read one (right?). The reader’s eyes will often go to the P.S. before they read the rest of the letter! So make the most of your P.S. Think: if you only had one sentence that is going be read, what would it be ?

There you go! That’s your P.S.!

Final thoughts

Did you notice the:

  • Personal example
  • Awareness of hospital’s oncology service line and mission statement
  • Call to action
  • Strong opening sentence

If you noticed all these, very good!

Business Print Copy Format

The formatting in the sample letter I provide is a slight variation of business type, with the recipient’s contact information at the top, left-centered. This is appropriate for a print copy. Leave four spaces between your closing (Sincerely, Best, etc) and your typed name for your written signature.

E-Mail Format

If you are e-mailing  your cover letter, leave out the recipient’s contact information. Use the same salutation as in business format.

Include the job you are applying for in the subject line of the e-mail. The subject line is very important. Here’s an example: RN New Grad Residency Postion Application: Nicole Nurse

The most important thing is to follow the employer’s instructions precisely:

  • Send cover letter as an e-mail attachment (if not specified, pdf or Microsoft Word)
  • Send cover letter in body of e-mail (copy and paste it in)
  • Send cover letter via e-mail and attach resume (if not specified, pdf or Microsoft Word)

In e-mail, your contact information should be at the bottom of the e-mail. Of course you will provide an email address that is some combination of your first and last name (meaning don’t use

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Until next time friend,

Nurse Beth

P.S. You’re awesome! A sincere best of luck in your job quest! All you need is a foot in the door. I hope this helps you get there. Leave me a comment.


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