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Want to Find Your Core Nursing Gift?

gift of teaching, leading, gift of empathy, nurse, gift of giving, find your core gift Find your Core Gift

Want to Find Your Core Nursing Gift?

Just imagine. Feeling passionate, alive, energized, and connected… more often. That’s how you feel when you’re using your core gifts.

One or more of the core gifts described below is yours. Can you find your dominate core gift?  Take this simple test to find out.

The Cafeteria Core Nursing Gift Test

core gift, find core gift, gift of teaching, gift of empathy, gift of leading, leadership, gift of giving, nurse,

Find your core gifts

Picture yourself in line, in the hospital cafeteria. The elderly woman in front of you stumbles and upsets her tray, spilling a jumbo iced tea, soup and salad all over. What do you do?

Core Gift of Helping

You rush to get towels and start mopping up the floor. You have the gift of helping. You come alongside, you can quickly figure out what needs to be done, and you do it. You don’t need to be told what is needed- you know. You are willing to respond to other’s needs quickly. You are that nurse who is always there for others when they need help. You re-arrange your schedule for a co-worker, you try to figure out how to fix things, you quietly go grab the supplies a frazzled nurse needs. You’re amazing.

Core Gift of Empathy

You immediately feel her embarrassment, and your first concern is to alleviate her discomfort. You have a real burden to comfort others. You go over and say “You know, I just did that exact same thing at my mother-in-law’s house.” You stand beside her while others clean up so she is not alone in her embarrassment. You have the gift of empathy. You put yourself in other’s shoes and feel what they feel. Because of that, you know just the right thing to say. You connect with patients and family and co-workers on a deep level, and it happens instantly. Because you understand.

Core Gift of Giving

You go over to the cashier and pay for another meal. You have the gift of giving. You’re a giver, always the first to pull out your wallet when there’s a need. You are incredibly generous, and when you see a need, you immediately respond. You are big-hearted, and practical. To you the need is clear, and the answer is simple- give. You’re a giver.

Other Core Gifts

Core Gift of Acceptance

People always come to you with their stories. You’re a magnet. You’re non-judgmental, and have the gift of acceptance. People feel safe with you, and entrust you with their deepest secrets. If you’re a charge nurse or a manager, you are naturally skilled at giving constructive criticism, because you do not blame or provoke. People know you have their back, even when you’re correcting them.

Core Gift of Leading

You are a leader. When you’re on a jury, you instantly get picked for foreman. In any group that has no leadership, you assume the role of leader. When on a committee and someone asks, “Who’s going to be the chair?” all eyes look at you.  You’re a natural, with the gift of leadership. You can’t hold back from organizing and proceeding when there’s a need. You see the big picture, and know what has to be done to move forward. In a code, you direct others and get that patient up to ICU expediently.

Core Gift of Teaching

You love being a preceptor and feel most alive when your nurse resident or student has an Aha! moment. You have the gift of teaching.You can’t understand when other nurses don’t want to precept a new nurse. For you, there’s nothing better than taking someone from Point A to Point B,C, and beyond. You can make understanding ABGs or EKGs easy, and love to share your knowledge.


What other gifts can you think of ? What are your core gifts? I’d love to hear!


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Until next time friend,

Nurse Beth



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    I’m hiring a nurse to give me enemas. You sound like the kind of nonsense nurse that I need.

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