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Nursing Students: GPA Matters

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Your grades do matter. Many nurses will tell you that they don’t. You’ve probably heard some of these nurses: “I’ve gotten LOTS of jobs, and they never asked [...]

What to Wear to Your Nursing Interview

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  What to Wear to Your Nursing Interview What you choose to wear to your nursing interview really is extremely important  because within seconds of stepping into the room, [...]

5 Tips to Survive Nursing School


This is a sponsored post The road to qualifying as a nurse is not an easy one. You could spend as little as one year at nursing school or as long as eight, depending on the [...]

Shout Out to Newly Graduated Nurses


Dear New Grad, Congratulations, you made it! It’s been a long, exhausting journey and you made it all the way to the finish line. You made it through early morning [...]
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