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Nice to meet you! I'm a Nursing Professional Development Specialist in acute care, a writer, speaker and career columnist.

I Was Suspended

The Medication Error Before I had even gotten my feet underneath me as a new nurse, I lost my footing.  I made a medication error. I was a brand new RN fresh off orientation [...]


I0 no 11 Reasons I Love New Nurses

Dear Graduate RNs, I love twice a year when we onboard a new group of new grad nurses. You are pretty fabulous. You bring a welcome, fresh energy. It’s positive and [...]


Enema Queen

While doing a stint in GI Lab, I came to appreciate the hard-working GI staff. GI staff get patients from the floor who are supposed to be fully  prepped for their [...]


Mental Illness and your Patient

  Mental Illness and your Patient Many nurses are uncomfortable, frustrated or at a loss with how to deal with a patient who has mental illness, such as bipolar [...]


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