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Top Nursing Blog Posts of 2016

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 The Top Nursing Blog Posts of 2016!

Drum Roll…..please…Here are the best of the best according to you, our readers.  Presenting: Your favorite nurse bloggers and their top nurse blog posts of 2016, plus a couple of You Tube videos, no particular order. Enjoy!!

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Michelle Green Rhodes  gives us 5 Steps to Meeting Your 2017 Goals  and Step # 2 is really helping me with my goals.

Is the Pearson Vue Trick a myth or real? Courtney Ellis breaks it down in her engaging You Tube video and gives us a must-read about entering your credit card number.

Read Endless Career Alternatives for Nurses by the National Nurses in Business Association President and Voice of Nurse Entrepreneurship Michelle DeLizio Podlesni

Tossing Pebbles a very short but inspiring read by Donna Cardillo at Have any of you had a similar experience where you influenced someone and didn’t know it? or that the world is truly a small place?

Can you guess What Nurses Really Want for Nurses Week? Joan Ekstrom Spitrey, The Nurse Teacher , nails it. See if you agree.

What are The Four Reasons Nurses Fail? by Elizabeth Scala  I am really good at the first reason.

Top Nursing Blog Posts of 2016

8 Reasons Nurses Need a LinkedIn Profile  Carol Bush at The Social Nurse  blogs about all things social media and is a wonderful resource. 

Anne Llewellyn blogs at Nurse Advocate  Anne shares the lived experience of herself as a  patient…a patient with central nervous system lymphoma, sitting in waiting rooms, waiting for test results..something she never planned for- being a nurse on the other side.  Anne lists her top ten posts of 2016 in My Year in Review     I enjoyed

The Joy of Traveling as a Disabled Person for the unique perspective.

Can you Teach Critical Thinking Skills? by expert ICU nurse and Keep it Real RN, Craig Erickson. As always, Craig gives us his uncensored and down-to-earth take on the subject. Not sure I agree with him, though…how about you?

Top Nursing Blog Posts of 2016Nurse Beth at  nursecode  and Ask Nurse Beth career columnist (yep, that’s me!) is nicely surprised that

Are You Cut Out to be an ED Nurse   Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers and

I Left Work Sick- Can I be Charged With Patient Abandonment? tie for top posts of 2016.

What if Your Nurse Wasn’t There When You Need Them? by Sean Dent at My Strong Medicine is what you need to know about safe staffing levels. And seriously, you need to decide your position as the battle is on and legislation is…being legislated!

So what was powerhouse and nerdy nurse Brittney Wilson’s most popular post in 2016? 10 Best Watches for Nurses  See if your watch makes the list.

The business-minded Amelia RN at the Business of Nursing tells us  How to Start as a CPR Instructor 

 The Worst Thing to Say to an Anxious and Confused Person  by Jackie Levin at leadingedgenursing  is good advice for patients and in general.


Until next time friend, and Happy, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones 🙂

Nurse Beth

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  • Gosh… look at nurses go! Awesome content for us to share and learn from. Thanks for putting this together, Beth!

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