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Top Nurse Blog Posts 2015

I’m  honored to host the first Nurse Blog Carnival of 2016. In a look back at 2015, each nurse blogger wrote a post titled “A Year in Review: My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

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What a diverse group! We have a lawyer and a mommy/baby nurse. Business women and bedside nurses. Speakers, consultants, authors, educators, bedside nurses, and Nurse Practitioners.

As bloggers, when we write a post, we always hope it will be our best ever. But then sometimes a post tanks. Meanwhile another post surprises us by becoming enormously popular. We always write with you, our readers, foremost in mind.

Here are the best of the best according to you, our readers.  Presenting: Your favorite nurse bloggers and their top nurse blog posts of 2015. Enjoy!!

Top Nurse Blog Posts 2015

Beth Boynton at You can’t read her posts without being challenged with new insights. Her posts are provocative and are centered on culture, organizational communication, patient safety, boundaries, and more. She holds a mirror up to show us the current status quo, and offers tools for change. Read 10 of her top nurse blog posts. You’ll be a better nurse, I promise.

Joyce Fiodembo of internationalnursesupport offers practical tips to minority nurses and answers to questions faced by all nurses.  Should I get my  bachelor’s degree, what should I say in an interview , and what should not be included in a resignation letter. She writes in a helpful, pithy manner.

top nurse blogs

It’s a no brainer to visit Dr. Jafee’s site

Cynthia Jaffe at healthscopenews has done an amazing job and her website rocks. Dr. Jaffe’s goal is to empower you with knowledge about your own health and life style choices. She studies the literature and gives you the evidence on vaccines and autism, the science of eye color, fertility after the age of 35. Is your coffee habit harmful? An A+  on graphics and professional presentation.

top nurse blog posts 2015Kelly Payne at mommybabynurse delivers (get it?) a ton of educational information about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborns in her educational posts. She’s passionate about her passion, and her goal is to earn her maternal newborn certification in 2016.  She highlights and elevates this nursing specialty by reminding us of the risks of childbirth, and how maternal nurses have to be prepared for life or death emergencies.

Kathy Quan, respected and long-time blogger at thenursingsite, offers How to do a Head to Toe Assessment as her top post. Several guest posts also performed very well, including topics such as health risks for ED nurses, and home health, Kathy’s nursing specialty.

Anne Llewellyn blogs at Nurse Advocate  Anne shares the lived experience of herself as a  patient…a patient with central nervous system lymphoma, sitting in waiting rooms, waiting for test results..something she never planned for- being a nurse on the other side. I’m reading When Life Changes on a Dime for the second time. Grab a cup of tea, curl up and join me.

top nurse blog posts 2015

Ask Nurse Beth Career Column

Nurse Beth, blogger at  nursecode  and Ask Nurse Beth career columnist (yep, that’s me!) is nicely surprised that Are You Cut Out to be an ED Nurse” continues to dominate her most popular post list, closely followed by  Nursing’s Dirty Little Secret <Shhhh!> She goes on to caution what not to say in an interview  when asked “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?” Nurse Beth hopes her  posts are informative, entertaining, and relevant. Once in a while, she offer beauty tips as a bonus 🙂

Nurse Gail and Nurse Mia at  explore urban myths and separate fact from fiction in healthcare.  Want to know if honey is really all that good for you? Should you circumscribe your baby boy and how can you reduce bruising if you’re having plastic surgery? The site is very nicely designed and professional, these gals are pros.

Renee Thompson at rtconnections blogs about nurse bullying and works tirelessly to eliminate it. Dr. Thompson’s top post “How to Catch a Professional Bully” is..well, simply an article every single nurse should read and every student nurse should be required to read. Warning- on second thought, don’t, as you’ll be hooked and  then have to go on and read every other post on her top 10 list. How could you pass up reading “Have you ever wondered if your boss is a bully?” Bonus: (the happy circles. I love the circles! You’ll see)

Donna Maheady at theexceptionalnurse inspires readers by highlighting practicing nurses with disabilities. And resiliency. Can you be a nurse if you are hard of hearing? How about if you are missing a limb? Dr. Maheady shares her expertise about the legal rights of nurses with disabilities. Ultra mega inspiring and informative.

top nurse blog posts

The NerdyNurse’s Book

Brittney Wilson at thenerdynurse is the brains behind and creator of the Nurse Blog Carnival. Brittney is a pro blogger and business woman who makes our lives easier by finding the best shoes, stethoscopes, gadgets, and…spoiler alert… gives us a lesson in common Spanish terms. Muy bueno. Nurse entrepreneurs should study successful Brittney’s posts, business model, and web site.

Joan Spitrey at A clinical nursing instructor, Joan doesn’t see herself as a talented writer, but her readers say otherwise. One of Joan’s posts went psuedo- viral in one day…you’ll have to read to see which one! (The topic is genius). Her posts almost make me want to be a student nurse again, this time having the benefit of Joan’s advice on test-taking, speciality areas for new grads, and more. But you don’t have to be a new nurse or student to love her posts….see for yourself!

top nurse blog posts

Read Dr. Rachel’s work on autism

Carol Bush at The Social Nurse  blogs about all things social media. My favorite post is 

4 Ways you can Build a Personal Learning Network on Twitter. (hi, @cbushrn, it’s me @bhawkesrn! I’m following you on Twitter!)

Rachel Silva at is a Nurse Practitioner, and writes top quality, informative articles on a range of topics, including  sex trafficking and autism. Check out the amazing infographic——-> Dr. Silva is a consummate professional, and her articles are nothing short of gems. She shares her journey of realizing her dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner, and writes in a mentoring fashion to help others.  She is both scholarly and warm, a wonderful combination. Don’t miss her podcasts, either, you will fall in love with her southern charm. (Did I mention I’m a fan?) Top Posts: The Art of Nursing and Terminally Educated

top nurse blog posts 2015

Protect your license

Lorie Brown blogs at Your Nurse Attorney Her blogs read like a list of helpful FAQs: What should I do if I get written up? Can I lose my license for (x,y,z)? Why do nurses eat their young? She gives solid answers from a legal point of view.

top nurse blog posts

Make a personal shift

and saving the best for last…Elizabeth Scala at Nursing From Within is passionate about helping nurses  make a shift in their profession to achieve more satisfaction in their careers. Whether it’s dealing with nurse burnout, your boss, or coworkers, Elizabeth offers tips and secrets guaranteed to transform you in your career wherever you’re at. Elizabeth inspires you to be the best you.

top nurse blog posts 2015

Until next time friend,

Nurse Beth

1This post was written as part of the Nurse Blog Carnival. Find out how to participate.

Come visit me at Ask Nurse Beth career column at for all kinds of  entertaining and informative career questions and answers, and to submit your own question 🙂

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  • Excellent post, Beth. So awesome to see everyone’s best performing posts!

    • Beth Hawkes

      I know, a great group of talent

  • This is such a fabulous post to share with others interested in discovering nurse bloggers and each of their blog’s most read posts. Nurses have such a dynamic role within healthcare, and now within the blogosphere! Each nurse blogger has their own individual flair for writing; therefore, any reader is bound to uncover a blog of interest. Thanks for including such a wide variety of nurse bloggers to learn from this year. I can’t wait to read more!

  • I have to add another comment! After sharing and commenting, I’ve decided to bookmark this page b/c it is connect to such awesome work. In fact I’m going to put on one of Dr. Rachel’s podcasts while I do some stretching as I end my work day. Congrats to all and thank you Beth H. for organizing and presenting us all in such light. Happy NY everyone!

    • Beth Hawkes

      I think I am going to follow your stretching/listen to podcast idea.

  • Cynthia Jaffe

    Beth, you did such a terrific job bringing this together. What a great shepherd of this flock! Your words were so encouraging, complimentary and inviting to each one of our blogs. Thank you and Happy New Year- to all!

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  • This IS Nurse Power! I’m psyched to check out these posts and sites….thank you for your encouraging feedback, Beth. It is an honor to be part of such a committed, sharp, and compassionate group of nurse leaders! Congrats to all and let’s continue to support each other in our various efforts to improve healthcare and represent nursing in such a positive light. Happy NY!

  • Wow! What a line up. I cannot wait to visit the blogs and read the posts. What an honor to be included. Thank you Beth. And again, WOW! Thanks for saying you saved my blog for last. This brought a huge smile to my face. What a day. Thank you for all of the work that you do. You are an amazing nurse and an exceptional person. It is a pleasure collaborating with you and all of the others!

  • Thanks for including such a diverse group of amazing nurses. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s top 10 posts. What a fun way to begin the year!

    • Thanks, Joyce. It’s a great idea, hope we all do it again in a year

  • Kathy Quan

    WOW such diverse posts. Found a few more bloggers to follow. Great way to start of 2016!!! Thanks Beth.

    • I know, what a great group. I’m honored to be a part of it.

  • Joan-

    Fantastic job my friend herding us all together! Love it!!

  • Donna Carol Maheady

    Bravo Beth!!!
    Thanks so much for including all of us in this great post. Happy New Year to you!
    And thanks for all you do!

  • Good list! Congrats to all!

  • This is such a great collection of posts that have been helpful/popular/insightful/educational/thought-provoking from 2015. Wonderful nurses that I’m honored to be included with! Thanks!

  • Gail Ingram

    Wow! What a wealth of information and it is wonderfully curated in this post. All the best to you in 2016!

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