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I Failed the NCLEX

I failed the NCLEX I failed the NCLEX but never gave up

I like to share real stories from real nurses. This is the story of a nurse who had to say “I failed the NCLEX” not once, not twice, not three times, but four times. I wonder if I would have gone back five times. I don’t know.

He did not give up and now works at a leading hospital in Los Angeles. (I can see why they wanted him). You will love his spirit and feel his heart as your read his story. Thanks for sharing, Christian.

Guest Post by Christian Rivera, BSN, RN


I Failed the NCLEX Four Times

I Failed the NCLEX Four Times

I Failed the NCLEX Four Times

On June 23rd,  I took the NCLEX and wondered if I passed. This was my fifth time taking it.

First:  It stopped at 190

Second: 265

Third: 75

Fourth: 265

Fifth: 75

I spend so much money on retaking it and on resources. So much money spent, time lost, opportunities passed by, and I wondered if I was meant to be a nurse. So many thoughts were flowing through my mind, wondering if it’s meant to be. I was a pcsa (CNA) for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and failed to get into the RN Residency four times.

I even got a call saying I didn’t get the position on June 22nd, the day before my NCLEX. So much pressure and anxiety, and I told myself that if I don’t get the job, at least let me get my license.

I Passed the NCLEX

June 25th: I PASSED !!!!

July  2nd: They called me back and offered me the job. Now I’m an RN Resident at CHLA!

BUT THATS NOT THE REASON I’m writing this.

Now I Help Others Pass the NCLEX

I Failed the NCLEX Four Times

He went on to encourage others

I visited a good friend who teaches a Kaplan class and I gave an insight of how the test was for me. I poured my heart into telling the students my failures that later on became my success. I’m so proud that the ones I helped out passed. One person I’ve never met before called me up and wanted me to help her pass… and she did!

A coworker of mine also called me and they passed and got in the same residency as I did. My best friend in high school passed and got a hospital job. Another friend from work passed and I’m waiting for the ones I’m helping to pass as well.

The joy of helping out those in need really makes me feel happy. I’m so proud of my success, but happier to be a part of someone else’s success.

[Tweet “I know the NCLEX  is hard and failing it can really damage your self-esteem.”]

One of the best things is to have someone to support you! And to guide you through it all.

I extend my helping hand to all of you guys in need. For advice, to vent, to plan out your test schedule, anything. I know what it feels like to fail and lose job opportunities  just because of a test. But as nurses, we’re all in this together.

Congratulations to all those who passed! Don’t forget to extend your helping hand to those in need. For those taking their test soon, you got this! You’ll make it out! And I’m honored that if you need help, I can help you out. To those in nursing school, strive through and you’ll make it! I love this group!! It continues to inspire me everyday.

Good luck to you all!  Christian


A lot of individuals have called me and asked for help. As of right now, I have received numerous text, voicemails, and calls saying that they have passed their NCLEX and/or have gotten a job!! I am so happy for everyone who have made their dreams a reality. And I am proud to be part of their success.

Finding a way to touch the lives of many individuals and helping them achieve their dreams is something money can never buy. I have always loved the feeling of watching people succeed in life because of their persistence, tenacity, their hunger to win, and the courage of never giving up. It makes it all the more blessed to be a part of their lives and their success.

I am  already on week nine of twenty-two  of the Versant RN residency at CHLA. The program is breath taking. Spectacular. Super fun. There are so many opportunities for any nurse to grow, develop, and implement all the things we learned and will learn as a nurse.

Always remember to stay hungry to win, motivated, and most importantly, humble. Nursing is a very difficult career. It is not one of those routine careers.  You won’t see the same things over and over, like being a cashier or working in an office. This career will force you to sacrifice. To go above and beyond your call of duty.

To care. To adjust. To learn.

When you realize this as an nurse, it will  become part of your own character. This is why becoming a nurse is difficult. So please, do not feel down if you do not pass the NCLEX. Passing the NCLEX after going through adversity and trials will make you appreciate nursing all the more. Even at CHLA, the nurses that get the Daisy Awards (most distinct award) are the nurses that go through  hardships but are willing to still continue.

I Failed the NCLEX Four Times

Encourage each other

So to all of you who are prepping to become nurses and/or finishing up school, just know that I am proud of you! You all chose a career that will touch and save so many lives and will leave a legacy to yourself and to those around you!

My top 2 quotes that I live by:

“When you’re at lowest, stay hopeful. When you’re at your highest, stay humble” –lokai message

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou


Until next time, friend

I failed the NCLEX

I failed the NCLEX but never gave up

Nurse Beth

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  1. Esperanza Meza Santaella // October 28, 2015 at 6:38 am // Reply

    Thanks this was most encouraging as I’ve struggled myself.. I was beginning to think I didn’t belong in the”nurse” world..gotta get back on it. It’s just frustrating sometimes.

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