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RIP Brian Short

Yesterday I was teaching basal/prandial/correction blood sugar management to 35 Versant residents. I had them break into small groups and do presentations: a skit, a Hangman quiz, a rap song. Lots of laughter and learning.

Brian Short

Brian Short gave me an opportunity to write for allnurses

Halfway through I picked up my phone and saw the news about the death of Brian Short, owner of, and his family. I really couldn’t process it. I had to finish my class- it was very hard. Sometimes things make absolutely no sense.


I only met Brian Short once. It was last spring at NTI in San Diego. He was quiet, self-effacing, well-mannered, generous.

We had dinner with about 10 of his staff members. I observed the interactions. Everyone felt free to share ideas and opinions. Ideas were buzzing around the table and Brian mostly listened. Definitely not a big-ego person, more of a background guy.

He didn’t like fish, and didn’t know how to order from a Mexican seafood menu, so I told him we couldn’t be friends.

I always had this dream of being an advice columnist (I grew up with Dear Abby and Erma Bombeck). Brian gave me an opportunity to do that, plus some cool sunglasses.

I started writing an advice column for, but I told Brian my primary interest would always be my own blog at So about once a month, I would email Brian and say “hey, would you share the love and post one of my articles (from MY blog, on your allnurses Fb page?” He always did, and within hours.

A couple of times, he surprised me, picked one of my articles and promoted it without telling me. How did I know? One day I received 29,574 views on my blog in one day! It’s never happened to me before or since then.

Thank you, Brian  Short,  and RIP. My heart goes out to all fellow human beings who suffer, sometimes alone and unknown. My deepest condolences to all friends and extended family of Brian and Karen Short, and the staff at allnurses.

Read Brian Short and Cognitive Dissonance for how I processed what happened.


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11 Comments on RIP Brian Short

  1. RIP to Brian. And why, and how do we, as nurses keep separating ourselves and bashing each other? Why in the world do we do this to each other? Stop the madness. Brittney Wilson, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend who obviously meant a great deal to you, and many other nurses.

  2. I think you wrote a beautiful tribute to a man who obviously touched your life! It is unfortunate that even in the face of tragedy some people have to try to steal the spotlight by leaving negative and disrespectful remarks. We must always remember that should this be someone whom meant something to us we would not wish to hear people’s ignorance! Oh well can’t change the world can only hope those who choose to be disrespectful learn to think before they speak perhaps this will happen when one of their own parish and people have nothing nice to say. Hold on to your pleasant thoughts!

  3. Honey, you got BS’d in more ways than one. Brian looked out for only himself, and used you for a fool.

    • Not sure how you felt I was used, or a fool.

      • Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones.

        Whereas I AM truly sorry that his wife and kids lost their lives at his hands—no one should have that happen to them— Mr Short had a history of using others for ‘his’ own gains. No, I am not kidding.

        Being threatened by way of ‘anonymous’ e-mails, same type of posts in various other sites and forums—traced to his area of MN. Banned from the site because your opinion differed from his. PM’s hacked into and ‘rearranged’ to suit his needs. Yes, this was Brian’s way, and PROVED. A few of his long time cronies from AN are guilty of the same thing.

        As the saying goes: The truth is out there. It WILL set you free.

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