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10 Tips for New Grads to Stand Out and Get Hired

Stand Out as a New Grad and Get Hired! 10 Tips to Get Hired as a New Grad- Stand Out!

Getting hired in this job market can be hard, and you need all the help you can get. Here are 10 tips to give you a leg up and help you Stand Out.

THE book with everything you need to land your job!!

10 Tips New Grads Need to stand out and Get Hired

10 Tips New Grads Need to Stand Out and Get Hired

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1 Comment on 10 Tips for New Grads to Stand Out and Get Hired

  1. Hi Nurse Beth! My name is Amanda and I’m a visitor from Nurse Eye Roll’s blog. I loved this post about getting hired as a new grad – I graduate from my accelerated program in August and have been surveying the job market for a few months now. I’m looking at relocating from Pennsylvania back down south – with that being said, I’m interested in a lot of different hospitals (and I’m all about a new setting!) I saw your advice about cold-calling nurse managers and dropping off your resume directly. It seems that that’s what needs to happen in order to even be considered and to not have your application swallowed by HR. My question for you is given that I live so far from any of the hospitals I’m interested in, how should I go about doing that? How would I find out who the managers/directors of a unit are? Should I mail my resume/cover letter? Any help is appreciated – feel free to reach me by email at Thanks!

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