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Preceptor, Lunch and Other Causes of Anxiety

So if you are a Preceptor and your orientee is going to start with you next Tuesday….think about lunch.

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Yes, your new orientee (Ashley) is going to be fairly anxious about lunch on her first day. Really, you say? Absolutely! And it’s your job, now that you are enlightened, to alleviate Ashley’s lunch anxiety.

Which goes something like this: “Should I take my lunch is there a microwave but I can’t take the leftover takeout shrimp it might smell.. is there a refrig? Paper bag or mini thermal igloo? Wonder if they all share food should I bring extra?  Cafeteria…is that cool? But do I put $ in my scrub top pocket. Idk if I’ll have a locker yet….”

So, dear Preceptor, be sensitive and bring extra or treat her to her first lunch in the cafeteria. She’ll never forget your kindness.

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